Preclosing is the art of getting Yes Decisions before the Presentation!

Preclosing is getting YES decisions before the presentation. Getting YES decisions from the prospects before looking at our information is how we get paid.

We don’t get paid for getting prospects to look at our videos, listen to our audio files and go to our meetings. We get paid for getting YES decisions before looking at our presentation.

If preclosing is getting YES decisions before the presentation, how do we do it? We get prospects to sell themselves.

One example of getting our prospects to sell themselves is the question, “So tell me, why do you think extra income would be a good idea?”

When the prospects answer, they sell themselves on wanting an extra income. And who are the best salespeople for our prospects? They are. They can sell themselves that this is their idea. They will convince themselves to say “yes” to an extra paycheck.

Another example is, “I help families get an extra paycheck twice a month. Would you like to know more?”

When the prospects answer YES, they’ve just affirmed their YES decision before giving a presentation.

Preclosing is getting YES decisions when you say, “Folks, it takes $1,100 to say YES to our opportunity and $2.5 million to say NO.”

In other words, the prospects can get into the high end of our Network Marketing business for $1,100. That is cheap compared to losing $2.5 million if they don’t.

Preclosing is getting YES decisions from people who have problems. Want to get prospects to think about and discuss their problems?

— When would be a good time to start your own business?

— When would be a good time to earn extra checks for your family?

— When would be a good time to be paid fairly at work?

— How much should you be paying each month for your phone?

— How many pounds overweight should you be at your age?

Now the rest is easy.

Preclosing is getting YES decisions before the presentation by getting prospects to close themselves with the questions we ask.

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