These 3 Magic Phrases never sound salesy or pushy!

Your prospects will never feel like they are being pitched!

Everyone loves to buy but no one likes to “be sold” . . so, avoid sounding like you are using a sales pitch with these 3 magic phrases

This is “How to avoid the salesperson alarm!”

No one will think of you as a pushy salesperson with these skills and yet, you will still be more effective!

Intrigues? You should be!

The next time you feel a prospect is fidgeting or seems nervous, it is probably because you are approaching them in a pitchy way. Instead, we must be conversational. 

Here is a better way:

— “I am sure you have a lot of questions, so what would you like to know first?”

The prospects will feel like they are in control, and they won’t feel like they are being talked at. This statement is how to not sound like a sales pitch.

And as soon as you finish answering their questions, ask the prospects,

— “And what would you like to know next?”

And when the prospects are done with your answers to this question, ask them this question,

— What would you like to do next?

This gives control back to you and you have completely avoided how to not sound like a sales pitch.

You can then give them a short story.

— Here is the short story. Same electricity, smaller bills.

— Here is the short story. You will lose weight by changing what you have for breakfast.

— Here is the short story. Jobs keep us broke. Owning our own business can make us rich.


We could use the “If” word approach.

— If dieting, starving, exercising, and eating bad tasting food works for you… great. If not, use our breakfast shake to lose those extra pounds.

— If working 40 to 50-hour weeks for 40-years at a 60% cut in pay upon retirement works for you… great. If not, work 5-years with our business and retire at full pay.

— If you are okay with low energy all day long, no problem. If not, take our vitamins for 30-days and see how good you will feel.

How to not sound salesy with prospects by the words you say will greatly improve your business.

How to not sound like a sales pitch is simply done by what you say and how you say it.

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