Opening Sentences for Christmas

How to start a Network Marketing conversation during the holidays!


Christmas is upon us. Those of us who are in Network Marketing don’t realize this is the perfect time of the year to practice our Christmas holiday opening sentences.

What do I mean? 

Prospects surround us, especially during the holidays. 

We meet them at the grocery stores rushing to buy that last-minute turkey and ham.

We run into old friends at the mall buying last minute gifts and whom we’ve not seen in a year or so.

We meet new friends on Facebook and LinkedIn and have the perfect opportunity to speak to them.

We just don’t know what to say.

Tom Big Al Schreiter was kind enough to share with me some Christmas holiday opening sentences that were passed to him from Alan Lewis, one of his subscribers in the U.K. And I wish to share with you.

What Christmas holiday opening sentences could we say?

Here are some Christmas holiday opening sentences that can help steer the conversation toward our business.

— Do you think you will get a raise this year?

— Looking forward to having another year like this year?

— How many more years until you retire?

— Do you find it difficult to save for retirement also?

— Mortgages take a long time to pay off. How many more years do you and I have to go?

— Our children grow up fast. What are you doing to have more time with your children?

— So how long is your commute in the morning?

— I have been wondering. What is your best moneymaking idea or tip that I can use?

I have some of my own.

— Hate retiring after forty years of hard labor with a 60% cut in pay?

— Sounds to me like your job is a lot of fun (this statement opens the prospect to reveal whether he likes his or her job).

— Do you find it difficult that you can’t get ahead with the money you make?

— Rent goes up. Utility bills go up. Cable and internet fees go up. Food prices go up. The cost of Christmas gifts goes up. Do you know what doesn’t go up? Our salaries. So, what do you think?

— What kind of health results are you looking for after the holidays?

— I am just curious. What kind of diets have you tried after Thanksgiving and Christmas?

— I am just curious. What are some of your Christmas wishes?

— I am just curious. What are your resolutions for the new year?

These are the perfect Christmas holiday opening sentences for you to say to prospects. Your prospects won’t be offended. They won’t be embarrassed to tell you their answers. And you will have the best Christmas holiday from the financial rewards that you will get for you business.

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