People Who Hide Their Emotions are usually the ones who Care the Most

Few people join our business to just for the money. That’s too logical and it is the emotional reasons they join for. Not only that but the people who hide their emotions usually are the who feel them the strongest and who join us in business.

So why do prospects join our business?

— To earn a car bonus and buy a big car to impress pompous neighbors.

— To get skin care at wholesale prices so they’ll look ten years younger at their family reunion.

— To have more time for golfing and fishing.

— So they can tell their in-laws “I told you so!”

— To have extra money to buy more lottery tickets.

— So they will have more money to purchase designer clothes to impress the opposite sex.

— To socialize with positive people at trainings and conventions.

— To be able to impress their friends and say that they have an international business.

— So that they will never have to sit next to that obnoxious coworker who doesn’t take a bath.

— To have the freedom to take vacation time when the children participate in the state tournament.

— To avoid groveling and begging whenever time freedom is desired.

Few people join our business or buy our products to earn more money … concentrate on these motivations and your presentations will get easier – much easier.

Sure, finances, time and freedom sound great, but people buy on emotions inside. There are two reasons for people to join our buy.

— (1). The reason that sounds good.

— (2). The REAL reason.

Uncovering the Emotions

How do we find people who hide their emotions? They’re everywhere. The real question is, “How do we get people to reveal their emotions?” Ask tiny questions.

— Can you paint me a picture of your dreams?

— If money and time was not a problem, what would you do? What would you want?

— What would your dream house look like? Where would it be?

— Where would you like to travel if time and money were no object?

— If you had all the money you wanted, would you spend more time with family and friends?

— Are there any ways in which you would like to improve your health and fitness?

— If time and money were no object, are there any ways in which you would like to give back, or contribute to society or your community?

For an online questionnaire, check out

People who hide their emotions will open to questions that speak to their emotions and give the real reasons why they want to join our business.

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