The Six Levels of Communication

There are 6 levels of communication that exist when we talk to prospects and each one is more effective. So, why not use the highest level of communication?

Why use a lower one?

The lowest level is “talking one way . . . instead of two-way . . . but what are the other 5?

One-way communication is texts, email and messaging on social media sites. 

We can’t see the prospect’s body language, and they can’t see ours plus we can’t hear them. And, as a result, there’s no wonder why level one communications are easily misunderstood. 

What’s better than text messages? A website or videos at least include some graphics or “talking head” videos. But they aren’t much better, right?

See the problem?

Like level one communication and level two communication are all one-way.

Level three communication at least involves two-way communication. And it’s better than level one and level two communication for sure.

Examples include telephone calls and WhatsApp calls – and way you can talk other than face-to-face.

We can get across our message and hear their tone of voice, listen to their feedback and answer our prospect’s questions (far easier).

We also have a better chance to clear up misunderstandings. 

Two-way communication via video is level four communication. Body language or non-verbal communication is now in play too.

Video conferencing (one on one, not group zooms) is an example.

In this level of communication we see slight smiles or a nods and likely pick up far more than we know. We can sense when they are coming to us and we can see disagreement and misunderstandings coming (giving us a chance to do something about it)

Two-way communication in person is level five communication. We can meet someone and bond with each other instantly. We can see each other’s eyes and all of this makes relationship building far easier.

Face it, as humans, we are social. Most of us like interaction and, though social media platforms have the word SOCIAL in them, it is not the same.

Social Media allows us to “connect” but is far tougher or nearly impossible to build rapport.

Two-way communication in person over food is level six communication. For centuries people have bonded at banquets because there is a special connection we can have when we meet someone in person over food.

The simple act of sharing a meal pretty much guarantees a pleasant, polite two-way conversation.

All six levels are valid forms of communication. But the higher the level, the better the communication that’s available to us.

Note; edited by Smiling Steve™ in May of 2021

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