A Good Reason Makes the Difference for Prospects to Say Yes

A Good Reason Makes the Difference for Prospects to Say Yes

Why a Good Reason Works?

Want a tip that will make you a million-dollars? Give your prospects a good reason why they should buy and join. That’s it! Pure and simple.

A good reason why trigger works well because it by-passes rational evaluation.  It short-cuts heavy thinking. Prospects have hundreds of things on their minds. One more reason that requires heavy rationalization clutters their minds.

The good news? Any valid reason that short-cuts heavy thinking will work.

Which story works better?

(A). Our services offer legal counsel by a qualified attorney for trusts, wills and traffic tickets.


(B). Let me tell you about Jim. Jim had $1,000 in traffic tickets he could not afford. He bought our legal service and saved $600 when he paid the tickets.

 Story (A) requires too much thinking. Trust attorneys cost a fortune… I can’t afford them. My uncle got an attorney for his will and the will was made invalid.

Story (B) is a story with one point… traffic tickets. People can relate to Jim. It gives the prospect a good reason for buying the legal service that by-passes a lot of headwork.

Want some other examples?

Sally gives Mary a complicated reason for buying her weight loss product.

“Our weight loss product contains sixteen ingredients grown in the Amazonian Rain Forest and infused into an all-natural breakfast shake.”

Mary says “no” to Sally making the excuse it is too expensive.

Billy has the same weight loss product as Sally. Billy speaks to Mary and she says she does not have the money. Instead of giving a reason requiring heavy thinking for buying, Billy says…

“Sally, it’s okay if you don’t have the money. You eat pizza, right? Which has a better chance for helping you lose weight? Eating pizza or our products?”

Mary buys from Billy and not Sally. Billy gave Mary a good reason for buying the product. Sally gave Mary a complicated reason for buying the product.

A good reason works better than a complicated reason. A good reason triggers “yes-decisions.”

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