Prospecting with Text Messages!

Also tips on online chat messaging too.

Prospecting with text messages is something most people do every day. They just don’t know it and they just don’t get paid for it.

We love to text on our cell phones. We love to chat on message programs. We text and chat every day with people promoting and recommending things we like. We just don’t get paid for it.

Would you like to change that without being invasive or embarrassing yourself? Prospecting with text messages works if you know what to say.

Prospecting with text messages have their drawbacks. Texting and Messaging are instruments for communicating with text. They’re impersonal. 

People can hide their true selves behind a text. You can’t see or hear the person. You can’t see a person’s facial expressions. You can’t hear the tones in their voices. 

With messenger programs, you don’t know if the text messages are human or “autobots” programmed to text you.

Prospecting with text messages is a great level for starting communications about Network Marketing with other people. They are terrible levels for communicating presentations and closings with Network Marketing. For presentations and closings, we’ll need telephone contact, video calls or belly-to-belly contact.

Network Marketing is made for being personal. It is made for seeing and hearing the person. Video calls make it possible for seeing and hearing people across the country and the world. But there is nothing better than belly-to-belly contact.

We can start prospecting with text messages on our cell phone to friends, family, coworkers and even strangers in our hometown. 

What should we say? “Are you okay with ?”

— “Are you okay with your job interfering with your week?”

—“Are you okay with working 40-hour weeks?”

— “Are you okay with trying diets that starve you to death?”

— “Are you okay with retiring at a 60% cut in pay?”

— “Are you okay with paying higher electricity bills?”

— “Are you okay with your job?”

Make the text messages short. Do not make them long. Short to point messages are easier to type for us and easier for our people to read. Remember speaking with short words is saying more than speak with long words. 

Prospecting with text messages will work, but at some point, we must move to personal contact by phone, video call or person-to-person contact.

What happens if they respond with a ‘Yes?” We’ll text the message, “Would it be okay if you could do something different to fix the problem?” 

If your people text, ‘Yes,” to fix the problem, then you can text, “Let’s meet over telephone or video chat and talk about it.” If they are in your hometown, we can meet over food.

Do I recommend sending text messages to people in your hometown? Yes, but I prefer talking by telephone, video calls or belly-to-belly contact. But for the shy and introvert, this might be the best way to start. But along the way at some point we must make personal contact.

Prospecting with text messages is great if you know what to say. It is terrible if you don’t know what to say.

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