What something is and what something does

The difference between Features & Benefits

Features are what something is. Benefits are what something does. Features tell. Benefits sell.

Features are facts about a something. 

— Maltodextrin.

— Binary plans.

— Citric acid, 

— Location of the company headquarters.

Benefits are what a something does for solving people’s problems.

— Products for restoring lost memories.

— Opportunities for helping people retire early.

— Services for helping people get discount rates on insurance, travel and utilities.

Which connects better for people. Features? Or benefits?

Network Marketing has spent to long selling features. It has spent little time selling benefits. 

Benefits solve problems Features describe problems. People don’t care about our features. They care about the problems they have and the solutions for solving them.

— They care about how they can retire in five-years at full pay. 

— They care about wrinkled skin and how to make it look young again. 

— They care about lower electricity bills.

— They care about looking old and how to look younger.

— They care about how to pay for college.

— They care about living on a pension they can’t afford to live on.

— They care about gaining weight and how to lose pounds.

We have a world of people who care about their problems. We have the same group of people who do not care about our features.

So, let’s sell benefits. Let’s offer solutions. Let’s make some money.

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