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How Much Money have You Made in Network Marketing?

How Much Money Have You Made?

How much money have you made? This question is asked to every Network Marketer. It’s an honest question that deserves an honest answer.

 “How much money have you made” is the default question by prospects to trick you. It’s the excuse question not to join. It’s not the prospect’s fault. It is what we said before the question that made the prospect to ask the question.

How much money have you made? Network Marketers have three answers:

Professionals can answer with truthful claims of making thousands upon thousands of dollars.

What about the amateur or new Network Marketer? What could they say? One of two possible answers.

— “None. It is a business. It will take 6-months for me to make a good profit. Then I am going to take a cruise for a week and relax. I just wanted to know if you want to join with me now, so we can cruise together. Or, if you would rather give me your address, I can send you a postcard from my cruise.”


 — “Unlike the money that is made at a job, I don’t know. I haven’t counted it all yet.”

How much money have made? We have three professional answers that makes the prospects think. They’ve never heard such honesty. It makes them think that there might be something to Network Marketing.

Will it change the skeptic prospect’s mind? Maybe or maybe not. One fact is certain. If you don’t answer the question professionally, you’ll never convince anyone who asks the question.

How much money have you made? There’s the professional answer. There’s the “none” answer. Or, you could answer, “I don’t know.”

My personal preference for the amateur and New Network Marketer? “Unlike the money that is made at a job, I don’t know. I haven’t counted it all yet.”

So, how much money have you made? Do you have an answer?

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