Standing on the shoulders of giants

Tom BIG AL Schreiter has been my mentor since 1997!

Tom BIG AL Schreiter; a respected Network Marketing Trainer

One way of achieving success is by standing on the shoulders of giants and one such giant, by the name of Tom BIG AL Schreiter, explains a key to sponsoring that you will love.

Before I explain the question, I must tell you that by following in his footsteps, I’ve become a Network Marketing giant myself. And I owe much to this mentor, teacher, trainer, coach, author, speaker and friend.

Tom Big Al Schreiter is the person on whose shoulders I choose to stand. And at this site, you too can learn from his wisdom, as many of the lessons taught here were learned from him.

“Can You Pass This Sponsoring Test?”


Make your choice.

Which of these options is most important when sponsoring people:

1. Finding the perfect prospect for your business, or;
2. Saying and doing the right things when you meet prospects?

Curious what the best answer is? What follows is an effective way of understanding how we build a business in Network Marketing.

Assume you and I had a plan to go to the mall together so I could tach you the secret of recruiting. I don’t tell you anything in advance, I just tell you that it will all become crystal clear after we do this social experiment together.

On the way, after arriving at the mall, I ask you to pick out a random person. It doesn’t matter who it is.

With you as my shadow, I walk up to that person and give them $100. How do you think they will react?

Some might say  “What is the catch?” Or; “What do I have to do for this money?” But most would accept the gift and be happy, right?

Now, let’s try this exercise again but we need a time machine to learn the true secret to sponsoring people. We go back in time 15 minutes and talk to the same person again but this time, we punch that person in the nose!

How will they react this time? Apart from the fact that we might get punched back or arrested for assault, they would not be happy, would they?

Now, let’s consider these two scenarios. Two totally different approaches and two drastically different reactions from the same person.

Do you still think that we need to look for a perfect prospect? Because many people think that the issue with rejection is the person we approach and not us. And this is wrong!

What we need to do is make a different approach. And we get a different reaction almost all of the time.

Ask yourself this:

“Does the reaction and behaviour of the random person we approach have anything to do with that person?” Or; “is their reaction everything to do with what we do and say?”

Obviously, they react to us. Their reaction is to the person staring back at you in the mirror.

Tom BIG AL Schreiter teaches that the secret to sponsoring is not trying to find perfect prospects!

Most of our prospects are neutral when we start talking to them. Some may be burned from something in their past but not many.

Prospects merely react to what we say and do.

That is the good news and the bad news!

This puts recruiting within our control. We can say and do the things that cause their reaction, be it good or bad. And if we do not have the know-how, prospects do not react to us favourably.

If we do not have the know-how, the reaction we get from prospects might as well be the same as a punch in the nose.

So, do you want to know how?

Getting a favourable reaction from prospects

Again, this does not work 100% of the time but the great majority of the time.

How do we control how our prospects react to us to get a favourable decision? Easy. We use better words to start our conversations.

This learning of better words is something we call trained words, as that is what we do to learn them (train). However, we can’t truly understand how different words cause different reactions until after we try out these words with prospects.

Skills are not theoretical; they are applied theory if you like.

When we go from a social conversation to a commercial conversation that introduces what we offer, be that something they might want to buy or do to make more money, it is called an “ice breaker.”

Ice Breakers are crucial to our success in sponsoring new distributors. This is where you get the favourable reaction or something closer to what would happen if you punched someone in the nose!

Of the basic skills of network marketing, “ice breakers” are one of the four core skills.

If you are interested, in another post I share more on ice breakers. You can also buy Tom BIG AL Schreiter’s book from Amazon to read many examples of ice breakers.

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