About Us

Below are details about the two people who have been associated with this website. This about section begins with info on the site’s founder, Dale Moreau (written first-person by Dale), and ends with the site’s current owner Steven Burke (Smiling Steve™).

(1) Dale Moreau

After college, I started in the ministry, preaching and teaching Christian Theology. But that was not to last.

Circumstances changed and I took two directions; one was as a commercial fire alarm sales, and; the other in medical coding. I was successful with both but was never really satisfied.

I felt like my wife and I were just making it. Success in the corporate world bring significant money but also a loss of time freedom that has you away from family far too much.

There had to be a better way.

We had enough money but I didn’t have the time to enjoy it!

Some better option had to be out there but what? I needed financial freedom but without sacrificing family life and just life itself (me time).

The first time I was aware of network marketing I was 19 years old and in college. It appeared to offer life-time income and time freedom but it was the wrong time in my life.

Why did I fail back then?

  • I was young and brash, thinking I knew everything (was not teachable).
  • I was distracted by NCIS and other TV programs!
  • Everyone appeared to me as a dollar sign, I was so focused on what I would get out of them that I was blind to their true needs and desires, which meant I could not help them.
  • I did not want to talk to my friends and family.
  • I never did presentations, relying on my sponsors and trainers to handle them. Thus I did not gain the skills needed to be autonomous.
  • I wasn’t consistent.

The thing about all the excuses for my failure back then is they are the very same roadblocks that stop most people from succeeding at anything in life.

I mean, who succeeds without focus? Who excels without learning skills?

The only reason to be in business is to solve problems. If all you can do is see prospects as walking dollar signs, how will you ever stop thinking about what you can get long enough and to discover what problems they have that can be solved in this industry or with the product made by the company you represent?

Bad habits (like TV) and circumstances dictated my actions (or lack thereof) and further controlled my circumstances (I did not make the money I wanted to make and was still stuck working long hours).

Successful people have vision, they see where they can get and stay focused until they achieve their goals. They are not distracted.

Unsuccessful people focus on their circumstances. They are never consistent about their side hustle. In fact, the only thing they are consistent with is choosing bad habits over focus and TV over reaching out to someone they know!

When I finally started to focus, everything changed. I got into Network Marketing again and started gaining the all important skills, which I applied consistently. Soon enough my circumstances  changed forever.

Eventually I started writing, publishing 6 books on Amazon. And I developed this website, which is now being managed by Smiling Steve™.

To give you an idea, the 2 years before I asked Steve to takeover the site, were incredible.  It was all I could do to keep up with the coaching side of my business, so I asked Steve (who is younger than I am) to take over this website, knowing it would be in great hands.

My journey resulted in me being able to teach people on how to find more prospects  and even generate leads online (something Smiling Steve™ knows better than I do!). I was also able to show people how to convert more of their prospects into “newbies” too and they ended up making more money.

The beauty of Network Marketing is;

Every new enrolled or signed up person (newbie) moves you closer to success, and; you keep getting paid over and over again for work you’ve already done until, one day, you simply don’t need to work as much and still have the income.

Real freedom. Money and the time to spend it!

Best of luck. And, if you need help, Smiling Steve™ is here. Check out his profile immediately below mine.

(2) Smiling Steve™

A picture of Smiling Steve™

Long before Dale got serious about learning Network Marketing skills and found the person he trusted to learn them from, Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter, I was mentored by Tom.

It was through Tom teaching me various sets of skills that I was able to drive my income to 6-figures a month, which happened for the first time in 2000. Since then my life has been an interesting roller coaster ride but I digress.

In the 90’s Tom was teaching a marketing system to generate leads. Nut not just opportunity seeker leads, because those are worth a dime or less each, but prospects who not only replied but already knew who you were!

With this system, it was as if your warm market was calling you without you reaching out to them. And, that is exactly what Dale created with this website.

Just so you have a clear idea, Dale was able to generate over 13 thousand leads on this site. All of whom knew who he was!

Now, before you go loosing your mind, dale had to write 480 blog posts to get that done. Then he had to write an publish 6 books on Amazon. So this is not an overnight get rich scheme but it works and , if done right, it creates leads for decades!

It is because Tom mentored me and because Dale knew I could write that he chose me to take over the site. 

Today, there are a some so-called professionals that teach how to succeed on social media and how to have your future “newbies” come to you through the creation of a website and content. But none of them have demonstrated knowing the real value of their prospects!

There are lots of coaches out there and many are effective at teach Network Marketing skills and some are even effective at running ads but I have yet to find one who knows the back-end. They don’t understand that (for instance):

“Your competition will pay for your advertising and be glad to do it!”

They also don’t understand that “your customers are worth more than you think” and that is even without selling people a training course or upselling them.

It is because their is a void of marketing skills inside Network Marketing that I wrote my new book, The Free Cheese Secret™. And now, for a limited time, I am making it available to everyone on this site for free.

Yes, there is a catch. I want a testimonial and that is it.

No credit card, no shipping cost, no handling price . . just a free book.

I am giving away this 70 page marketing book that is packed with all the secrets Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter taught me. The same man who also mentored Dale (years later). 

You will receive 12 pages of the book and as soon as you provide me with a testimonial — that will take 5 minutes max — the entire book will be delivered.

Now that is an offer.

Click my book on the right or (on a mobile device) at the bottom of this page and you can order your free 12 pages right now.

Other than that, I will be here adding content to this site for the next few years, adding high quality training that you can keep on consuming free as long as you want to.

If you ever want to reach out to me, use the Contact page on this site.