The cost of starting; should you start with low or high cost options?

the cost of starting

The importance of getting your new sign up to tryout products & how to talk about the cost of starting like a pro. We’ve just given a great presentation and our prospect is excited, they are ready to get started. We know it’s better to have them buy some products to tryout and that means […]

The Quieter We Become the More We Can Hear our Prospects

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Check out our books on Amazon The Quieter We Become, the More We Can Hear our Prospects Asking question and listening are critical skills. What is everyone’s favorite subject? Why, themselves, of course. And that is why asking questions and listening are critical skills.  Prospects will tell us a lot if we remain silent. They […]

Sumo List Building in Network Marketing

Building a Sumo sized prospect list

Check out our books on Amazon Sumo List Building in Network Marketing Why making a big list is not critical You get into the business and what are you told? Make a list of everyone you know. Here’s your memory jogger, we need you to follow it like to was the Sumo List Building inn  […]

Read Between the Lines and Prejudge Our Prospects

Read Between the Lines and Prejudge Our Prospects H2 – sub title (adjust “weight”) Network Marketers are told not to prejudge. But every network Marketer does prejudge. It’s okay if we read between the lines and prejudge. Prejudging isn’t bad. Our limited time must be spent wisely. If we don’t prejudge, we will waste time, […]

What is in It for Me?

What's in it for me?

“What’s in it for me?” This is what prospects are thinking! “What is in it for me?” We’ve all heard the term but do we understand the importance of what it means to your business? Everybody in Network Marketing should know that this is the most important question to our prospects, even if they don’t […]

Some People Do Not Make Money with Network Marketing

Some People Do Not Make Money with Network Marketing I hear it all the time. Some people do not make money with Network Marketing and that’s true. But can you name one industry where most people make a lot of money? I can’t. — I know doctors who don’t make a lot of money. — […]

Relatives are the Last People on Our List

Relatives are the Last People on Our List For many in Network Marketing, relatives are the scariest people to talk to. They fear relatives will make fun of them or put them down.  Talking about Network Marketing to brothers, sisters, parents, aunts and uncles can be intimidating. No doubt. How will mom react to us […]

Are We Givers or Takers?

Are we Givers or Takers? The only strategy for Network Marketing on Social Media We have to think about our mentality; are we givers or takers? After all, people are glad to when givers enter the room and are not sad when takers leave. Network Marketing is a giving business. And it is the takers […]

Do We Need to Experience the Products We Sell?

Do Prospects Need to Experience the Products? Can new recruits succeed in Network Marketing without trying the products? The answer is “YES.” Do we need to experience the products that make it impossible to experience? Some circumstances prevent us. — Women hygiene products because we are males. — Testosterone products because we are females. — […]

The Ten-Minute Trainer for Network Marketing

The 10 minute training for Network Marketing

Ten Minute Network Marketing Training Don’t believe there is a ten-minute trainer or that 10 minute training can be effective? It exists and it can. There is no excuse for complicated long training when it’s simple to train new people (newbies) in ten minutes. And, that means you can become a trainer. Today, people want […]