Make more money
in Network Marketing!

Make more money in Network Marketing!

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Transcript & Notes

Welcome to “best closing questions” segment of the website. This was written and posted by Smiling Steve™ in May of 2021. 

If you are reading this it must mean that you cannot watch a video right now. But, don’t worry, the notes have more than enough info for you to decide if you want to come back and play the video later.


Recruit 2 extra people a month!

How would it feel to recruit an extra 2 people a month, every single? month?

This video teaches the easiest way to instantly recruit more of the people you talk to. And, that includes;

“My ten very best closing questions” . . . explained in detail.

First, why ask questions? Because it is easier to remember a simple question than a lengthy presentation.

Your prospects will also tell you why they need you to help them, which is absolutely huge. If we talk instead, we never learn what they want.

Lastly, by asking the right questions, it makes it their decision to join rather than us pressuring or convincing them.

Question #1

“Why are you looking for a way to make extra money?”


“Just curious, why are you looking for a way to make extra money?”

One or another version of this question is great for asking people we don’t know. It gets them talking, which is powerful.

Question #2

“What has recently changed to cause you to be looking?”

Or, combine #1 and #2, like this;

“What has recently changed in your life to put you in the position where you are looking to make more money?”

If we meet someone whom we do not know is open, we could use a variation to find out if they are, like this;

“Just curious, what circumstances recently changed that might mean you are open to earning an extra paycheck every month?”

Now let’s open up the imagination of the prospect and simultaneously disarm them, it starts like this;

“If you had a magic wand . . . “

Here’s an example;

“If you had a magic wand what would be the perfect way for you to make extra money?”

Begin the closing sequence this way;

“Why is now the right time to start making extra money?”

The final step is;

“Sounds to me like you might be ready to get started with our training and find out how simple it is to start making money!?”

The above is more than enough to realize that there is value in reviewing this video.