About FuXion

FuXion is a proven provider for the needs of your physical, financial, and emotional health.

FuXion is the here-to-stay business opportunity that is affordable with universal appeal and earning you a full-time income on 12 -15 hours a week.

Maximizing the most with a steady stream of income, the FuXion business opportunity provides in five years or less the fastest way to your dream retirement.

FuXion is the pure nutrients of the Amazon Rain Forest that are infused into an all-natural product of delicious coffees, teas, soft drinks, energy drinks, smoothies, and shakes with no GMO’s, no glutens, no dairy, no sugars, and sweetened with the green leaf plant stevia.

Because of continual consumption that is generated by our great tasting products and consistently energizing health, FuXion excels other companies with minimal time and effort in promoting its own products with repeat business day-after-day.

Be part of the FuXion family and write the next chapter of your own story from our product and opportunity experience for providing you:

A new, healthier nutritional outcome for you and your family.

A new economic freedom from crushing debt, a job that is less than satisfying, and with an income able to improve yourself and your famiy's lives.

A new emotional health that is free from a stress-filled life.

Real Women, 21-Day Results :


Beat midday tiredness


Enhance heart performance


Regulate blood sugars


Sooth away neck pain


Rejuvenate sleep.


Recharge your memory


Revitalize your looks


Lose a 1 lb. a day every 1.5 days.

Actual Guys, 6-Week Fitness Results :

  • Lean tough and fit without the gym
  • Power up with instant energy
  • Calm stress overload
  • Boost memory
  • Stop stress headaches
  • Bullet proof your heart
  • End joint pain naturally
  • Halt food cravings

FuXion, Genuine 180-Day Results :

  • Travel the world and still get paid
  • Work half as hard and make 4 X the money
  • Sack your boss and make him hire a replacement
  • Wipe out student loan debt
  • Get 4 extra bonus checks every month
  • Own your own business and get paid 24/7
  • Make holiday bills disappear.
  • Reach your dream retirement in 5 years.

Find out how FuXion can help you earn a full-time income on a part-time basis while supercharging your health.

FuXion has helped thousands earn extra income with this simple Step 1…Step 2…Step 3 system.

It can help you too!


Because you deserve financial freedom and physical and mental health, FuXion is committed to help you.

The FuXion home-based business opportunity is the perfect platform to achieve your dreams… 15 ways of getting paid – 16 ways to financial freedom, health and a stress-free life.

Retail Profits

The profits you make from customers between retail and your wholesale price.

Preferred Customers Rewards Program

Customer receives 1 free box of products for every 4 bought increasing your sales and volume.

Fast Action Bonus

Bonus earnings from people actively joining your team.

Connector Override

Bonus paid on total volume of all members active on your team.

Matching Builders Bonus

Bonus paid on rank advancement of each personal enrollee over the first 12 weeks of joining.

Team Bonus

A right and left arm of distributors creating an income center- paid 10% on the lesser income producing arm.

Rank Bonus

Bonus paid on the highest rank you achieve for the month.

Leadership Matching Bonus

A special bonus paid helping your enrolled team member reach senior executive rank.

Personal Group Bonus

Another special bonus paid for the work of creating new lines of distributors.

Lifestyle Car Bonus

A special qualifying bonus $350.00 per month + taxes to purchase a vehicle valued up to $16,800.00.

Lifestyle Luxury Car Bonus

An upgrade bonus from the regular car bonus up to $1,000.00 per month + taxes paid for 48 months.

Lifestyle Office/Home Bonus

Qualifying Triple Diamond bonus up to a maximum of $76,800 + tax for a home or office.

FuXion Travel Experience

Consecutive trips earned all expenses paid to anywhere in the world for qualifying platinum rank members.

Millionaire Fund Club

A Bonus distributing 2% of the global sales of FuXion to qualified members.

Global Bonus

Reach the highest levels of bonuses and you earn access to the global profit sharing pool.

Total Freedom – Total Health – Total Stress-Free Lifesytle

Providing total financial, physical and mental health through the FuXion opportunity and products.

Those Who've Taken the FuXion Journey

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