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Using this Blog

There are three things you should know about using this blog:

  1. What it teaches, and;
  2. How to navigate it, and;
  3. What is planned for it.

First, Dale Moreau did a solid job in 1997, 1998 and part of 1999 putting terrific content up that is available at no charge. And that won’t change, this is a free blog.

In just 3 years Dale was able to post an impressive 483 blog posts. In addition, together we authored a report in 1997 that you can download from many of the blog pages.

So, hat’s off to Dale!

I have taken this blog over, in part because Dale is older, plus his coaching business took off. The reality is he just doesn’t have the time to continue.

This blog teaches entrepreneurs

Dale focused mostly on people in Direct Selling and Network Marketing, which is also part of Direct Selling. 

Almost every topic you can imagine is searchable by category (above right). And, the blog will always show the last 6 posts and pagination to look at all post that way, should someone choose to.

The search function make it much easier to locate the topics you are interested in.

As I have a chance to update this site, I will make sure each post mentions and is linked to a related posts, making it far easier to study what you are lookin for, should you want to keep reading on the same subject.

Going forward this blog will also include topics for other interests that you may have as an entrepreneur. For instance you might find some appeal to understanding how to attract prospects via blogging or how to attract people with ads.

So, that is coming.

After all, we should all know at least enough about SEO to be able to both outsource our website’s search engine optimization and know if that job is being done right. In addition, some will want to know a thing or two about DIY SEO, so they can make their own website rank, starting to attract business through their own bootstrap startup.

If you are thinking of participating side hustle or want to make more money in your side hustle, you are going to find this blog to be your knew best friend!