Can We Improve in Network Marketing

Can We Improve in Network Marketing?

Can We Improve in Network Marketing?

Can We Improve?

Of course. We can always improve. Can we improve with ease? Yes! We can improve with every new skill we learn. We can improve ourselves.

We want to learn the five-core skills of Network Marketing as soon as possible. Every time we meet a new “prospect,” we’ll use these five basic skills.

--- Rapport.

--- Ice breakers.

--- Closing.

--- Objections.

--- Presentations.

Can we improve the five core skills? No, but we can improve them by adding to them.

Our potential for doing Network Marketing is much, much greater if we add the skills of:

--- The four-color personalities.

 --- Word pictures.

--- Follow up.

--- Needs vs. wants.

--- Subconscious mind programs.

--- Magic word sequences.

--- Great first sentences.

--- Sound bites.

--- Prospecting skills.

--- Leadership skills.

And many, many more.

Can we improve all the skills of Network Marketing? No! They’re already perfected. We only have to discover them. This blog has lots of articles and videos on all the skills for making Network Marketing a success.

As we learn more skills, we become more attractive to our prospects. They want us to be their guide to success. Plus, with better skills, we get better results.

Don’t wait. Start now. Learn the skills.

Can we improve ourselves. Absolutely! We can improve ourselves by learning more skills.

Prospects asks five questions in sequence. They don’t ask them out loud. They ask them in the deep recesses of their subconscious minds.

--- “Who are you?”

--- “Can I trust you and believe you?”

--- “Are you interesting?”

--- Do I want to do it, or not?”

--- “Can you give me the details?”

Answer all five questions in sequence and we’ll get “yes” decisions from our prospects. Answer any one question out of sequence and we’ll lose them.

We can answer these five questions in sequence by learning skills. Can we improve? Yes! We can learn skills.

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