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Here are some reasons to Contact us

From guest blogging to the services we offer, you will find why you might want to contact us right here  . . .

If you are a potential Guest Blogger send us an email above and, because we reply to all emails, you will get an email back within a day or two. 

If you are offering to be a Guest Blog writer for us, you best understand how to get traffic (long tale keyword research) or have a following. And, your topic will need to be related to this site.

Our Services

When I joined Dale Moreau (this is being written by Smiling Steve™) to run this website, I knew that more back-ends needed to be added. And that is exactly what I am doing.

My first job was to get the traffic ramped up, which will be relatively easy with the amount of content here. Easy but somewhat daunting to update 500 web pages and do some SEO upgrades but that is happening already (big time).

So, we will have a huge asset here, once a few months rolls by.

Of course, since the last person who looked after this site for Dale messed it u[, it will take a little while for Google to re-index that site but already started, or should I say “that too?”

I expect that this site, with insightful SEO and great Technical SEO (yes, those 2 are different) plus all this content, once updated, will draw 15,000+ visitors a month in 2021. By 2023 that should exceed a million with the plans I have.

At the volume this site was generating in 2019, before circumstances caused it to be neglected (Dale got too busy coaching), the site will have solid volume. But bey adding side hustle and work from home plus other no brainer focus keyword posts, it will start to scream!

We have a lot to offer with these.

Hyper focused consistent traffic means we can promote non-competitive services. And, I do not mean as an affiliate (though that is possible too).

It means we can promote you.

If you want to explore opportunities send us an email above.

Other Services

For a very small number of clients, under very specific conditions, we will help them rank their websites.

As you see this site doing it right, you will perhaps see great value from us helping you — and we are interested in people who are in our industry!

Why would we help a potential competitor? Contact us to find out!

More services will be added soon.