Duplication in Network Marketing Does Not Work

Duplication in Network Marketing Does Not Work

“Duplication in Network Marketing Does Not Work”

Duplication in Network Marketing

You’ve heard it said it does not matter what works. It only matters what duplicates. I say duplication in Network Marketing does not work.

Why duplication in Network Marketing does not work?

*Saul is handsome. He has a face that causes women to swoon after him. Whenever Saul enters a room of woman, they eagerly crowd around him. Women want to talk to Saul. Saul gets to share his business with lots of women. So, should I tell Saul to cover his face since his physical features can’t be duplicated by everyone in his downline?

* Mary-Jo talks on social media. Her humor is contagious. She has a way speaking with a lot of humor that attracts both men and women. Her humor is something only Mary-Jo can deliver. Many people in Mary-Jo’s downline don’t have the personality for delivering a humorous punch. So, should I tell Mary-Jo not to use humor since it can’t be duplicated by everyone in her downline?

See why duplication in Network Marketing does not work.

* Let’s say my sponsor is Billy. His natural market is recruiting other Network Marketing six-figure and seven-figure earners. Can Jim in Billy’s downline who never made five figures in his life duplicate Billy? No. Should Billy not use his natural market? Of course he should. That is his strength.

* Ella has a Network Marketing blog. She has the gift of writing. 10,000 people a day come to her site. Ella shares her business and products with the people who come to her site daily. So, should I tell Ella not to share her products and business with her leads since it can’t be duplicated by everyone in her downline?

* John has an extended family in a small local town of 300 people. Most of the people in that town are kin to John one way or the other. So, should I tell John not to share his opportunity with this relatives since everyone in his downline is fortunate enough to be kin to him?

* Madeline built up a list of 1.4 million people. They all trust her. What if I sponsored Madeline and say this, “Madeline, don’t’ go to your natural market. It can’t be duplicable. No one in your downline has 1.4 million people on a list. Instead use my system of attending a home meeting with a video and product tasting party.” Madeline would laugh in my face.

Duplicate Results, Not Activity

Are you seeing a pattern of why duplication in Network Marketing does not work?

Duplication in Network Marketing does not work because it usually promotes someone else’s agenda. Duplication is to sell a system for making the someone else money.

Network Marketing companies push duplication training to sell its duplication materials. It is great for the company. It is not so great for everybody else.

My philosophy is this:

Duplicate the RESULTS, not the ACTIVITY.

Give people the freedom to choose the most pleasant and comfortable activity to get the job done. For some people it is talking on social media. For other people it is talking over coffee. Still other people enjoy talking on the phone.

Duplication advocates always have another agenda. It is selling their duplication materials. Let’s be done with that.

Now, if a person's way isn’t getting the job done, they have a choice.

--- Learn the skills to make their preferred method work,


--- Choose a different way to build the business.

We want to duplicate results (sponsoring, recruiting, selling and building leaders).  We don’t need to duplicate unique activities to get these results.

Duplication in Network Marketing does not work. What does work is results. What does not work is activity. Let’s emphasize results and be done with activity.

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