How I got rich just by giving away free samples!

How I got rich just by giving away free samples

People love to get stuff for free, they also like to buy, that is why I started testing various free offers and developed the system to give ad responders a free sample.

It is also why this is available to you for free.

That is right, you will never be asked to produce a credit card on this website. Nor will you be asked to provide any electronic payment, this is a free sample of my work. And what follows will not be “for sale” either!

My history with Free Samples

The first time I did a big-time ad campaign to test out a free offer was in 1997 (25 years before I penned this web page). But it was my second free offer in 1998 that is even more worthy of taking up space on this web page.

No, the first offer did not fail. Twenty-five years ago, I just had not yet perfected the way you make money from giving away a free sample.

In the first 30 months that 2nd free sample offer generated over 16 thousand people who had to have what we were giving away for free. The campaign was so successful that it ran from 1998 through 2001.

It would still be running today if but the World Wide Web

 what was really crazy was the fact that 6,431 of them bought other stuff that we offered them later. If you are keeping score, 40% of our free customers eventually spent money!

Many of them were also repeat customers. It was so successful that my business passed a million a year in income by 2000.

Since the cost of that free offer ad campaign was negligible, you can see why business boomed. In fact, it worked so well that by 2001 a business magazine featured me in an article to showcase my example of success.

House of business magazine featured Smiling Steve™ after he became successful by giving away free samplesDirect Responses Selling gurus, like Dan Kennedy, would grin from ear to ear if they figured out how to turn 40% of their ad responses into buyers. And if those 40% who became customers of gurus like Dan bought a lucrative good or service the guru would have to pinch him or herself just to see if they were dreaming.

This is where I get to say that not only was our profit margin high, it was insanely high!

Yes, we did have a license to print money, and now I am going to teach it to you for free!

How can you offer free samples without losing money?

In my book, The Free Cheese Secret™, I describe in detail how any business could run an ad campaign and breakeven even before they sold a product or service. And, to this day, I name stunned at how few marketing gurus know this.

The Free Cheese Secret™ book

Now you are going to want me to explain that and I will. But before I explain how you can breakeven on an ad campaign without selling anything, I want to tell you that the first portion of The Free Cheese Secret™ is available for free — and that is the part that contains “the secret” I am telling you about now.

Since it is in the book and the part of the book that contains the secret is free AND because it takes 36 minutes to read I am not going to try to duplicate the book on this web page. The next sub-title is the name of this marketing secret (or little-known fact).

The Self Funded Ad Campaign

The self-funded advertising campaign (SFAC) is what guarantees that you do not lose money when you give prospects a free sample.