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In the summer of 2021, the training I created about talking more prospects — in this case with business opportunity leads — was complete. It is called Low Tech High Check™ and are welcome to download it for free (no credit card required).

As I wrote this training, which explains a low tech method of only speaking to prospects that want to hear from us, I decided to sneak in a little marketing trick I am aware of about how almost anyone can get unlimited leads for free, without;

  1. Posting on social media, or;
  2. Spending one dime, or;
  3. Ever needing a a funnel system or any other high tech stuff!

Most people have no clue how to do get lead for free. Because they have never considered the most important backend to all marketing.

Marketing Back End 

In a book I finished in March of 2021, called The Free Cheese Secret™, I explained the concept of the backend and why it is so important in all small business marketing.

Most entrepreneurs only thin of what else they can sell their customers and prospects. No one ever clued them into “Who else sells to my customers & prospects” . .

If you have a side hustle or any kind of small business, you now have a way to get others to pay for your advertising or your leads. And, it works so well that I created a business that generated me $100,000 a month by doing this.

In fact, as early as 2002, there was an ad I ran with a headline that goes;

“I make more money in one week that the average person makes in a whole year!”

By the way, the average annual income in the U.S. in 2002 was just over $40,000.

Unlimited Prospects

The Free Cheese Secret™ explains the backend thoroughly.

Low Tech High Check™ explains how to communicate with prospects using nothing more than a cell phone, which everyone knows how to use, and only speak to those who want you to call.

Now, if someone else will pay for the leads, how many prospects would to like to talk to?

This works so well that, while the competition struggles to find enough people to talk to, I never manage to get back to all of the prospects I have. 

Want to be me? Read Low Tech High Check™ first. Then I wont be able to get rid of you!

As soon as you see the concept you will want to read The Free Cheese Secret and everything else I am putting out because this is the kind of no nonsense information that almost everyone needs.

Your Marketing Team

Imagine that this works so well that “who else sells to your prospects” not only supplies you with leads you do not pay for but also funds a team? What would that mean?

Well, for starters, someone on your team would be lining up your prospects for you. 

In 7 to 10 hours a week you would out produce anyone in the Direct Selling or Network Marketing company you represent. 

You can make the kind of money people only dream of and do what I did in my best year; take more time off than you ever have. 

More Free Time

In fact, not only did I make more money than I ever had I also took almost exactly one week a month off for a whole year. And this is sustainable!

What I liked the most about it was my team were doing all the sales of my main asset; the leads.

All I need to do is talk to the prospects who want to talk to me. That and write an occasional headline or web page. They do the rest.

They find my competitor, send them a training that I wrote, sell them a lead list and collect the money. I do nothing.

This effort that my competition pay for gets me free leads AND a decent income. In fact, I make enough to retire on this alone but I am also building a Direct Selling team too, as a double down on security.

This way if my whole team walked out the door, I would still have an income. And I say this but they don’t know each other so there is no way that they could do anything like that.

Underutilized Asset

Most entrepreneurs operate their business with an extremely valuable asset that is almost totally underutilized.

People in the Direct Selling and Network Marketing industries develop leads and have no clue that the competition will buy them. 

Of course, that is just one backend.

This major asset that they worked so hard to amass is wasted. And, I say that, sure they got some customers and reps out of it but what was leftover is worth a fortune!

They just don’t know it or how to go about it.

Old prospect lists are a major underutilized asset. What we are talking about here is unconverted leads that are like ripe fruit left to rot!

Low Tech High Check™

It is all explained in this free download.

How you will never again speak to people unless they want you to.

Plus, much more, like:

The reason why most people fail in the Direct Selling industry, which is due to the fact that they simply never have enough people to talk to.

Once you get this information, you will realize that you don’t even need to speak to the people you know — but you will so they can share in your good fortune (not because you need them).

Lead Generation

Of course, this works with advertising too. Not just for working with and purchasing leads.

Once you understand the backend you will be able to talk to all the prospects you want, without ever needing to personally fund your own marketing costs!

There really is no limit to what you can do once you know how to do it.

Of course, you must walk before you run or fly. So let’s start you off with this and best of luck to you:

Download Low Tech High Check