Empowering People by Mastering Network Marketing

A lot of people have radical views one way or the other about network marketing. For some, it’s one of the best opportunities for entry level entrepreneurs to own their own business with very little investment. For others, it’s some sort of shady or sinister endeavor that should be avoided at all costs. The truth is network marketing is a legitimate business model that has been used successfully by some of the biggest and most successful companies in the US, including AT&T, Amazon, Google, UPS, Facebook, Sprint, MCI, DuPont, and Citigroup.

Do you dream of empowering people by mastering network marketing?

On top of what you are currently doing, how would it feel if you signed up an additional 2 – 3 reps every week/52 weeks out of the year?

What would that mean to you?  

That would make quite a difference in your life, wouldn’t it.
Imagine having the ability to…
  • Empower and help your family and friends,
  • Have the freedom to be with your kids and family without having the worries of where your next pay check is coming from.
  • Fire your boss and never having to report to a supervisor again.
  • Be out of debt and paid for life.
  • Never again have to pay for another vacation or mortgage on a new home or a new car.
Network Marketing can help provide these and much more for you.
Just ask Dale about helping you solve your problems of time and freedom by emailing him at dale@dalemoreau.net.

Empowering Family and Others

Being the Leader

Freedom of Time with Family

Financial Freedom

Firing Your Boss

Free From Debt

Being Paid Monthly Bonuses

Being A Member of the Millionaires Club

Mortgage Payments as Things of the Past

All Expense Paid Vacations

A New Car Every Year for Life

Living the Dream

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The Secret Code of Success

Your First Year in Network Marketing

Why Now Is The Time To Crush It!

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Worldwide Sales

Core Features of Network Marketing:

Earn Passive Income

Many people dream of quitting their jobs and living off of passive income while other people may just want to earn some extra money. There are many different ways to earn this type of income.  Passive income is money that you receive on a regular basis that you do not have to actively work for.  Some people also refer to it as residual income. Active income is money that is earned by performing some particular activity.  If you stop the activity, such as a job, you stop receiving money. It does not mean that you never have any work to do.  Any income source requires some work to be done, even if only on an occasional basis. We will use investment income as an example.  Although you do not actively work to receive investment income, you do need to check your investments periodically and possible make adjustments to your investments to ensure optimum return. Many people dream of quitting their jobs and living off of passive income while other people may just want to earn some extra money. There are many different ways to earn this type of income.  Keep reading to learn more about How to Make Passive Income. It is money that you receive on a regular basis that you do not have to actively work for.  Some people also refer to it as residual income. Active income is money that is earned by performing some particular activity.  If you stop the activity, such as a job, you stop receiving money.

Be Your Own Boss

Many people are unhappy with their jobs. They are unhappy with their finances. They are unhappy with the time they have to enjoy the favorite things in life.  I know plenty of wealthy people who are unhappy because they have no time to enjoy it.  I know people with LOTS of time but no money to do anything!  Is there a balance? The big appeal for Network Marketing is that it allows you to be your own boss while still working with a large, reputable company under conditions that you control. This business isn’t born out of a scam, it’s growing up through a paradigm shift in how sales and marketing works today.  Times have changed.  Just a few years back all of the marketing of any service or product was done through television ads and newspapers, but now these mediums of marketing are scarcely seen. The new generation doesn’t read the newspaper, they DVR TV shows, they skip right past commercials, and they certainly won’t answer your phone call!  (Of course if you text them it may be a different story. :>).  Today, businesses are finding themselves reaching back to people ….using people!  Good old fashioned Relationship Networking!

Very Low Investment Cost

There is a certain amount of inherited risk involved when you become an entrepreneur in a regular brick and mortar business. We are confronted with losing money, wasting time, not being in profit right away, etc. In a traditional brick and mortal business, the startup cost of several hundred thousand dollars to a couple of million dollars associated with opening that business is what holds many people back from becoming the creators of their own destiny. People do not like risk and try to avoid it by all means. We’d like a “guaranteed bet” and stay within “our safe zone”. In business, you don’t eliminate risks you learn to minimize them. The advantage of starting an network marketing program is that there is a small risk to get started. With an investment of less than $900, it is possible to get started with a company of your choice, marketing products that you consume already. The amount of financial commitment is insignificant compared to that of traditional business. Most people find the network marketing business opportunity an alluring way to make ends meet, particularly when earnings are cut back, they lose a job or they’re trying to launch a new business, just because the cost to enter it is so small compared to the financial gains.

Consistant Training and Community Support

Because Network Marketing is a system and so many independent distributors are involved, training is typically at your fingertips. Network marketing is a system that you buy into and is extremely easy to duplicate and teach. You are in business for yourself, but NEVER by yourself. All network marketing companies offer free training about the product/services and basic steps to building your business. An optional investment, well worth your consideration, is outside training given by network marketing experts who have been leaders in the industry. They teach you insider information and concepts you are unlikely to learn from company training. This additional knowledge is important for people who want their network marketing business to be a major source of their income. As for motivation, it is a fact that most people need to be motivated from the outside in addition to being inspired from the inside. This keeps you moving forward in spite of the disappointments and challenges that are part of any business…and of life. Most companies or leaders in companies include some motivation, along with training.

Tax Savings

Starting your own network marketing home based business brings you a million-and-one benefits but the one specific benefit – tax benefits. In today’s economy, a home-based business is a necessity, even for the CEO of a company. Why?  Because you reduce your tax bill!  If you’re earning a large income, the savings can be huge, even though you are earning additional income. Unless you have a specific passion that you want to turn into a business, network marketing is the best choice for a home-based business for most people. You have business deductions that you can’t deduct from your job income, such as travel expenses, lunch and dinner meetings, phone calls — and even part of your home or rent expenses. If you don’t earn a profit from your home-based business (this is not the goal, of course!), you’re still ahead of the game, because of your legitimate business deductions. Be sure to check with your accountant. Most all network marketing companies have a monthly auto-delivery program that a member has to be on to qualify for all commission bonuses. Guess what? Your monthly auto-delivery is 100 percent deductible. Other deductions include, phone, electricity, car expenses, entertainment, and a whole host of other items too numerous to put here. Just know you will be able to deduct most items safely.

Work From Home

There are indeed many reasons why folk want to be self-employed. In the unstable economies of certain countries, unemployment, pay cuts, job instability and rising fuel costs are immediate concerns. It is not surprising then that many people are turning to a home based business for income. In other countries where job security is not an issue, many simply have the desire to own their life, with time and money choices that aren’t available as an employee. Network marketing has been a popular home business opportunity for many decades and is becoming increasingly prevalent today as more and more people turn to self-employment. Network marketing is a strategy used by companies to sell products or services. Product users can sign up as distributors and earn commissions on all sales. These distributors can recruit others to do the same. This group of recruits then becomes the downline. Distributors earn commissions on their own sales, plus commissions from the sales of the downline. There are many advantages to operating a network marketing business that can lead to positive lifestyle changes, especially when working from home.

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