My Journey My Story A Tale to Tell

My Journey My Story A Tale to Tell

Podcast 7: “My Journey – My Story – A Tale to Tell”

The old cliché stands: Facts tell. Stories sell. You sell the facts with the story.

The truth about Network Marketing is we must influence people to believe us. Network Marketing is not about campaigning. Not about lecturing. Not about educating prospects on the spot. 

It’s about getting past the prospect’s negativity, their bad programming to misrepresented facts, their resistance to our message, their skepticism about what Network Marketing can do for them.

… all easily done with a life story.

Stories get people emotionally involved and to act. Stories are easily remembered. People are programmed to listen to stories because they are fun to listen to and speak to prospects where they are.

Stories have a point to make, and nothing makes more of a point than true life stories telling a tale to tell. So, share your story. Inspiring short stories are the best.

This is my story – My journey. My journey is different from yours but we can all relate.

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