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Below is a list of downloads and links to these resources, many of which are free or come with a meaningful sample.

This resource section of the website will grow rapidly as we find time to add the body of work we have compiled over our careers.

Click the + button below beside the item you are interested in to see an image of it and read more about it as well as to access the link. Enjoy!

The original work for the SKILLS PDF was done by Tom Schreiter. This updated version contains a complete list of skills as well as links to where you can learn these skills and more!A complete list of Network Marketing Skills in a  PDF

The link below will redirect you to the download page.

Be sure you read the web page first before you download the Network Marketing PDF

If you do plan to advertise, don’t place a single ad until you’ve read:

The Free Cheese Secret™ 

The Free Cheese Secret™ bookYou will be happy to discover that the key training in the book is contained in this free download!

If you want to order the rest of the book with case studies and updates, you can but you can also work it out yourself once you know the marketing secrets that are available to download for free here!

A picture of our 30 page booklet called Low Tech High Check™Low Tech High Check™ is the training for people who have already gone through their warm market and do not have the time or patience to troll social media nor the inclination to learn high tech lead generation.

Learn how to generate leads on demand in not time for about $5 a day or less!

Download it free here.

Crack Cocaine for the Prospect's Brain cover imageThis report is the only joint venture between Dale Moreau and myself until I took over this website.

The report is a kind of introduction to brain science and how to get people’s attention. And there can be only one thing that the brain simply cannot refuse. Can you guess?

Stories! And, in the report, we’ve included many stories that you can use as scripts.

You can download the free report right here.

Click on the link below the image to listen to the 3 training videos that Dale Moreau called; First Sentences


First Sentances

Click the link below to listen to the audio training by Dale Moreau;

Best Closing Questions Ever

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