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The First Sentence in Network Marketing

What Network Marketing pros say (or text) first to prospects

Below you will find three training audios that Dale recorded several years ago, now renamed The First Sentence in Network Marketing. These recordings are very informative and worth the listen.

My addition to the sharing of this valuable training is to make one solid point. Messaging the first sentence in Network Marketing to convert people on social media into a prospect will never be as effective as what you say to people to introduce Network Marketing when you speak face to face.

I am not saying you cannot recruit on Social Media. The one-on-one, face-to-face first sentence in Network Marketing, can be magical (order Tom Schreiter’s Magic Words audio training for free here). In-person, they are called ice breakers, and there’s another post on this site where you can read about ice breakers

Enjoy Dale’s three recordings:

​“How to Get People on Social Media to Buy your products and/or Join your business with Great First Sentences!”

Dale Moreau, author of 6 books on Amazon, including LinkedIn for Network Marketing gives away his strategies for starting conversations on social media. What follows is 3 videos on the topic, over an hour of training, all for free!

Using First Sentences Module 1

Using First Sentences Module 2

Using First Sentences Module 3