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When I took over ownership of this website, I already had a list of over 3 million people on Facebook that were involved in Network Marketing. But the site, though massive in terms of content, was not ranking on Google.

I had a problem. 

This site will need over 900 SEO-experienced hours of effort to do as well as it should have done and can do (due to the incredible number of blog posts; 454, and all Network Marketing content)

It is currently producing Network Marketing leads and as more and more of the SEO work is done (mostly the Rewrite and Republish function, one blog post at a time), the number of site visitors is climbing again. That is the good news.

The bad news is that the process of being accepted as an authority on Google is slower than molasses. And I am not getting younger.

I need more followers and more comments on the posts. Why? Because this shows Google that the content on this site is to the linking of people in Network Marketing.

I also need other sites to link to this site but I will leave that alone because it has little to do with Network Marketing Leads and because you can’t help with that.

The tried and tested way to get opt-ins and dramatically increase comments is to advertise. And, staring down the double-barrel of 900 SEO hours of costs already, the addition of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising doubles the costs. Sure, I would generate Network Marketing Leads that way but I could get them with a new site!

Starting a new site was beginning to look like a smarter option. If only there was a way to drive traffic for free!?!

It was a real head-scratcher. How was I going to do that?

The site had been damaged by a move, a server hack and neglect. And, though it once had 3500 new visitors a month, that traffic was no where near its peak.

Yes, I am bringing it back but the SEO was so poorly done or non-existent that Google will take time to raise the site rank.

Other sites in this industry with less content rank much higher. And I know what their traffic is (because I know SEO) and the number of Network Marketing leads they are generating is just math. After all, I have the stats from this and other sites too.

A site like this could generate many times what it did before it was damaged. The numbers of first-time visitors that could be happening is massive but then I am reminded of the ‘catch’.

I still need comments on posts and I have too few visitors to average what is required.

Then the light bulb came on. 

If I get enough comments, for every opt-in and single comment on this site, I calculate that Google should send more than 100 first-time visitors per month. That is 1200 in a year.

If you opt-in and comment on 5 posts, Google will send approximately 6,000 new visitors a month. If you double that, Google will send 12,000 or more.

For every 100 visitors Google sends, one more person will opt-in to receive the Network Marketing Tips and read the content. And that generates Network Marketing Leads.

network marketing tips generate network marketing leads

If 1,000 people opt-in from this promo, the number of first-time visitors sent by Bing, Yahoo and Google will reach over a million.

For every 100 opt-ins, 3 leads are generated a month or 36 a year. With a million visitors, that is 360,000 Network Marketing leads!

These are not advertising leads, which are low quality. These are leads that have read my content and love it. People who keep coming back to the site and then, eventually, ask for help!

If I divided these leads amongst 1000 people that would be 3 leads a month. And with 3 leads a month you will get at least 1 sign-up.

So here is the deal. Opt-in and comment on 10 posts. For that I will give you Network Marketing leads that are of a quality so high that money cannot buy them!

That is not all. I will also provide you with 10,000 names of people on Facebook in Network Marketing. This list is worth $250.

So now you can get a list worth $250 and up to 3 super high quality leads a month for a year for reading 10 blog posts and simply writing two sentences as comment on each.

You will love the training and get a lot of value, all free.

This works just as well if 5 people go for it or a thousand (I would take 100 because that is 1,000 blog comments and that will generate a lot of traffic!). It is scalable and I have 32 million names in my database.

Just opt-in below and if you need to read it, our privacy policy it is here.