One Small Change with Words Can Make a Difference

One Small Change with Words Can Make a Difference

One Small Change with Words Can Make a Difference

One Small Change with Words

It takes only one small change with words to transform your business from zero success to $100,000 a year success… from zero reps to thousands of reps.

Well, you know how one positive thought can change your whole day? Well, so can words.

 Prospects respond to offers. It is how we describe our offer that makes the difference.

Ever heard Walmart use the phrase “everyday low prices?” What does that mean?

The item is the same price it was yesterday before the “everyday low price” sign was installed.

Because shoppers at Walmart perceive the item to be a bargain… sales of that item increase.

The offer is the same. It’s just how the offer is described.

So, one small change with words can make the difference.

Could it be that one small change with words in our business could make the difference?

One small step can change by making one small change with words.

Instead of using the phrase “residual income,” we could use the words ‘extra paycheck.”

Instead of using the words “join our business,” we could use the words “start with us.”

Instead of using the word “sponsor,” we could use the word “mentor.”

Maybe one small change with words will get the prospect excited about our offer.

Watch the prospect’s eyes light up when we use the phrase “are you married to your job or are you open-minded?” instead of “have you considered your income options?”

Watch the prospect change from a frown to a smile when we use the words “I just found out how we can get an extra paycheck every month,” instead of “I’m a distributor for the Wonderful Company in the wonderful city of Dallas that can give you a wonderful paycheck every month.”

Watch how a retired prospect changes his mind from resisting your offer to accepting your offer with the phrase “I show retired people how to double their pension in 9 months” instead of the phrase “What is your retirement plan B?”

One small change with words makes the difference… and you create a great prospect. Taking small steps to achieve a change in behavior of prospects with better words.

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