Products to Purchase when Joining a Network Marketing Opportunity

Products to Purchase when Joining a Network Marketing Opportunity

“Products to Purchase when Joining a Network Marketing Opportunity”

The Products to Purchase

Choosing which products to purchase when you join a network marketing opportunity is the first step to take toward success in the business.

One of the problems with new distributors is getting them to see that their new network marketing business is a business. They must treat it like a business.

Treating it like a business is to buy the products of their network marketing company. It is to replace the products that are in their house and used every day with similar or the same products from their business.

A way of getting new reps to buy the products is to start out by telling the story of the grocery store owner.

A grocery store owner just opened a new store in his home town. He stocks it with everything that is sold in another grocery store from across the street. It includes items that he and his family consume daily.

The grocery store owner is not too bright. Each day before heading home, he walks across the street and buys all the items from his competitor that are in his store and that his wife will need to cook a meal and clean the house.

The absurdity of the story makes the point clear about the objectives of purchasing one’s own products.

Why would you buy from your competitors when you can buy from yourself?

Why would you pay retail from your competitor on the same items that you can buy from yourself for wholesale?

How to Determine Which Products to Purchase

After showing why purchasing products from your business is important, we must help the new distributors with choosing which products to purchase.

There are two factors that influence consumer purchasing decisions – let’s follow these marketing factors for choosing and selling products.

  1. Popularity led by the masses.
  2. Items used daily at home.

(1). Popularity Led by the Masses

Which products to purchase depend upon how consumers make buying decisions. The number one reason for why most people buy products has nothing to do with price or even quality. It has more to do with the masses.

The masses lead the way of whether a product to sell is purchased.

If it is not popular by group, it is not popular for purchasing by most individuals.

Even if the person does not need the product, they will purchase it because the group influences and leads the way for why they buy it.

So, number one on the list of which products to purchase FIRST is to find what products trend well among other distributors and customers in the company. If you don’t know what sells the most, call the company headquarters and find out.

Tell your distributors about these trends and have them buy these products first. If they want to sell things for the fastest way to a profit, start with what is most popular.

For my company, the number one products to purchase on the list are weight loss and anti-aging products. They trend well among distributors and customers alike in our company.

(2). Items Used Daily at Home

The other factors that influence purchasing decisions for new distributors are found among items that are used daily around the house.

Have your distributors make a list of all the items that they use around the house daily and weekly.

Compare that list with the products from their network marketing company.

Replace the items that they buy and use in the home with similar and the same products from their network marketing company.

For example,

If your MLM company has healthy coffees, teas, sodas and energy drinks, you and your distributors must replace all coffees, teas, sodas and energy drinks at home with the company products.

In fact, throw away all the products that are replaced by the items in your network marketing company. Throwing away items that are being replaced help to confirm in the mind that this is a business to be taken seriously.

Upon joining my MLM company, I threw away all items that were replaced with products from my business. Remember the story of the grocery store owner buying products from his competition rather than from his own store.

The factors affecting purchasing decisions of consumers are the factors that we follow to help our distributors with what products to purchase.

Choosing which products to purchase by our new distributors is a matter of knowing the trends and replacing what is used around the house with what is sold by the MLM company.  

Follow the factors of marketing by the masses and what is common around the house and you have the way of helping distributors determine which products to purchase.

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