Sorting Our Prospects Immediately with These Two Simple Questions

“Sorting Our Prospects Immediately with These Two Simple Questions”

Sorting Our Prospects

Sorting our prospects comes easily after we find out what problems they might have. Our job is to listen and discover what problems our prospects might have.

If we cannot find what problems they might have, we cannot help them to fix their problems.

One of the easiest questions that we can ask our prospects is, “What are the two biggest problems that you are facing?” And wait for them to unload on you with every problem that there is under the sun. Sorting our prospects with this question gets them to open up to us.

After listening and discovering our prospects’ problems, we can ask, ‘Do you want to do something about it?” Sorting our prospects with this question gets them to make an instant YES or NO decision.

Our prospects have two possible answers.


Answer #1: “YES.”

That is easy. Now we can give a quick one-minute presentation, and we know our prospects will join or buy our products, services or opportunity.

Know this, that prospects have problems. They want to fix their problems. With a YES decision, we can leisurely explain some details in our presentation that helps them fix their problems.


Answer #2: “No.”

I have a theory. When a prospect says NO, they mean NO. They don’t mean maybe. They are not hiding behind some nebulous answer meaning YES when they say NO. They literally mean NO.

And prospects say NO in many different forms.

“My dog ate my computer, and so I could not watch the video.”

“I’m a diabetic and can’t take your products.”

“I want to think it over.”

“Is there a website I can go see.”

“I will get back with you.”

These excuses are the prospect telling you NO.

And what should we do when the prospect tells us NO? We listen and kindly respect their wishes. The reason our prospects tell us NO is they mean it. They are not interested.

But what if we know they need it. Should we push the issue. NO! Accept fact that we did not do a good enough job.

With a NO answer, we have fulfilled our job of sorting our prospects quickly and easily.

So sifting and sorting our prospects with two questions is easy. These two questions are the best prospecting tools and the best sales tools that you can have. The sales process and recruiting process can go smoothly when we ask these two questions.

“What are the two biggest problems you are facing?”

“Would you like to do something about it?”

Simple and easy for sorting our prospects with these two questions. Sales skills can’t get any easier.

​What is the best way for sorting our prospects? Ask two questions. Wait and listen.

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