Stop Wasting Time by Knowing the Secret Code for No

Stop Wasting Time by Knowing the Secret Code for No

“Stop Wasting Time by Knowing the Secret Code for No”

The Secret Code for No

Want to know the secret code for No? Knowing the language spoken by people for “no” saves you time and money. It solves a lot of pain.

I have this new product from my company which helps people lose 11 lbs. in 7 days. Uncle James a few days ago, was telling me he wants to lose 11 lbs. in 7 days in time for his daughter’s wedding. My product plus Uncle James are a match made in heaven. I introduce my “7-day-burn-all-carbs” product to him. He politely tells me, “I have to check with my doctor.” His answer is the secret code for “No.” 

Most network marketers would take Uncle James’s answer to mean “Approach Me later after speaking to My Doctor.” Because I have skills, I know the answer is “no.” It is a waste of my time and money to spend any more time with Uncle James trying to convince him.

Network marketers need to be literalist. “No” means “no.” It is literal. It doesn’t mean check back with me later. It doesn’t mean you have permission to use mind control Kung Fu on me to change my attitude about no. It means no. You will still have family and friends when you learn the secret code for no.

Knowing the secret code for no is the secret to saving you time and money on wasted opportunity.

Others Ways of Speaking the Secret Code for No

People generally don’t like conflict. Telling you “no” directly in their mind creates conflict. Avoiding it is easier than being direct. They instinctively have created a secret language to protect themselves from conflict. It is our job as network marketers to uncover and decipher it.

Other ways of telling you “no” in secret code:

  1. It’s interesting.
  2. It’s colorful.
  3. It’s different.

Hearing these is a sure sign of “no.”

Not knowing the secret code for no is wasting time chasing people who literally mean “no.”

An example,

You find a person who is working 60-80 hours a week for a blood-sucking vampire boss. He has no time to spend with his family and friends. He cannot even attend his son’s baseball games. You approach him knowing his pain and say, “Would you like to do something about it?” He says, “Yes.” Ca-ching….get ready for your next team member.

You have the same person with the same pain. You approach him and ask, “Would you like to do something about it?” He says I don’t know. I have to finish this project by next week.” That means NO. “Oh, I’ve heard this before, I have to run to the bank? That is literally “no.”  “I like working 60-80 hours a week for my vampire blood-sucking boss.” That means “no.” It’s time to save your friendship with him and move on.

Know the secret code for no is to know the secret of avoiding conflict and keeping family and friends. The leads which you bought last week and have politely turned you down…we just saved you time and more money from having to chase them week-after-week. No literally means no.

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