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How to Get People On Social Media to Buy Your Products and Join Your Business Using First Sentences

Learn How To…

  • Find the right people on social media who want your products and are willing to join your business..
  • Ask tiny questions to people on social media to create curiosity where they ask you for the information.
  • Find the problem(s) of the prospect using first sentences.
  • Solve the problem(s) to attract them with wanting to buy and join.
  • How to Use First Sentences on LIKE comments to get people interested in your stuff.
  • Follow-up and close.

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My Ten Very Best Closing Questions

Qualify Your Prospect Before You Close with My Ten Very Best Closing Questions….

  • Questions to discover if the prospect is financially equipped of being on your team and buying your products.
  • Questions that make it fun talking with prospects and helping to overcome the fear of rejection
  • Questions that dig out of what the prospect wants so you can center your presentation around their needs.
  • Questions that keep you in control of the conversation.
  • Questions that lead to closing 3-5 sales a day and 3-5 new reps a week on social media.

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Using Trained Words On Social Media

My FREE Gift to You For Visiting This Site.

  • Learn how to start a conversation around your products and opportunity on social media.
  • Learn the questions and trained words that control the conversation from beginning to end.
  • Learn how to get a YES commitment of seeing your product or business presentation.
  • Learn how to get people excited about your products, services, and opportunity without aid ads and creating videos.

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