Sumo List Building in Network Marketing

Sumo List Building in Network Marketing

Sumo List Building in Network Marketing

Sumo List Building

We are told to build a list. And it’s not just any list. It’s a sumo listing building project of 200 names of people whom we know.

So, we start with friends, relatives, coworkers, but then our brain goes dead. We have a total of 10 people… 190 people short of what our sponsor told us we need to build a sumo list building project.

Ah, but our sponsor told us to use the three-foot rule. So we think of all the people we’ve met within three-foot of us in the past week. There’s the plumber, the baker, and the cable guy who comes around the neighborhood every week. Now, we are at 13 people with another 187 people to go to meet our sumo list building goal of 200 people.

Oh, let’s not forget about all the people we know and have met in our neighborhood. So, now we are at another 4 people, bringing us to a total of 17 people.

Then we turn to our coworkers. I know 6 people at work who’d jump at this opportunity. Now our total number of people is 23 people, 177 people short of adding 200 names to our sumo list building project.

We soon realize we are at the end of the rope. We can’t climb any further with our sumo list building project. Our brain shuts down. This is harder than we thought

Now we panic. We realize we don’t know 200 people. So, we give up and say I can’t do this business.

When I started in Network Marketing, I quickly ran out of people to add to my sumo list building project. They were too busy with their own lives. They did not want to know what I had to say.

I started meeting people after I got involved with Network Marketing. I met leaders in my company. I met people who loved Network Marketing like I do.

This prevents new people from trying to make a decision on the business based upon the people they currently know. If some people from their current sumo list building project join, great. And if not, no problem.

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