Old Words into New Words for Closing Prospects

Changing Old Words into New Words that Close Prospects like magic! How to change what you say slightly and get much better results! Harsh, direct words create tension. Old words revised into new words relieve the tension. The last thing that we want is for the prospect to feel pressure and tension. By carefully selecting […]

Closing Prospects by the Million-Dollar Close Putting Motivated Self-Starters into Your Network Marketing Team

The Million-Dollar Close Recruiting Motivated Self-Starters into Your Network Marketing Team Closing Prospects Want a sure-fire way of closing prospects that puts motivated self-starters into your network marketing team and is not high pressure? Want a close building highly motivated teams and solid organizations lasting for a lifetime? Then you want the million-dollar close. After the presentation […]

Breaking the Ice to Closing the Prospect to $100,000 in the Bank

From “Breaking the Ice” to “Closing the Prospect” How I put $100,000 in the Bank! Breaking the Ice Want to know from breaking the ice to closing the prospect step-by-step on how to put $100,000.00 in the bank? It’s a tall order and much is required adequately to answer. Let’s get started. Laying out from start […]