Closing with Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Closing with Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter Tom “Big Al” Schreiter is a giant among people in our industry, he was also my Network Marketing mentor. And, after spending time with him, I put together this post — Closing with Tom “Big Al” Schreiter. He teaches that closing — or more accurately put, the decision — […]

Can We Improve in Network Marketing?

Can We Improve? “Improve Network Marketing Skills” Can we improve out network marketing skills? Of course. We can always improve. Can we improve with ease? Yes! We can improve with every new skill we learn. We can improve ourselves. We want to learn the five-core skills of Network Marketing as soon as possible. Every time […]

Preclosing is Getting Yes Decisions Before the Presentation

Preclosing is the art of getting Yes Decisions before the Presentation! Preclosing is getting YES decisions before the presentation. Getting YES decisions from the prospects before looking at our information is how we get paid. We don’t get paid for getting prospects to look at our videos, listen to our audio files and go to […]

Get to the Point in the First Few Seconds

Please, get to the point in the first few seconds! If you don’t you will ruin it for your prospect! Prospects live busy lives and all of our brains are hardwired to make decisions quickly anyway. So, we must get to the point with prospects swiftly. You may want to check out this post that […]

Fake It till You Make it Leads to Flaky Success

Why the “Fake It till You Make it” strategy is should not be used! And how to get more Network Mark.eting success with a smarter strategy   Fake It till You Make It Fake it till you make it…. Faking success in Network Marketing is the most common strategy of new distributors. The problem? It […]

86400 Seconds to Make a 15-Minute Choice with Network Marketing

The 15 minute choice. Everyday you can change someone’s life! Every day you have 86,400 Seconds or 1,440 minutes or 24 hours to change someone’s life! We call it the 15-minute choice, because that is as long as it takes to change someone’s life. And you have 24-hours to find those mere 15 minutes to […]

Sponsoring People Anywhere and Anytime and Anyplace with Four Steps

Sponsoring People Anywhere – Anytime – with 4 Simple Steps Four steps to sponsoring people are all it takes. Four simple steps to instant success. What steps should we give our new team members? — Rapport. — Ice-breakers. — Closing. — Presentation. These four steps in sequence are the steps to successfully sponsor anybody, anytime, […]

Start a Social Conversation about Network Marketing

How to start a Conversation about Network Marketing It is critical that we remain conversational or social when we do this Everybody has problems. Everybody wants solutions to their problems. Learn how to find problems or uncover people’s problems and you will know how to start a social conversation about Network Marketing. Here is the […]

What New Team Members Should Do First in Network Marketing

What New Team Members Should Do First in Network Marketing We signup a new team member. What is Next? What should new team members do first? Almost everyone will either say MAKE A LIST or familiarize themselves with the product but the answer is; learn skills. Of the 25 Network Marketing skills, four are core […]

Yes Decisions Before the Presentation are the Secret to Closing at the End

Yes Decisions Before the Presentation are the Secret to Closing at the End YES decisions for us or NO decisions against us are made by prospects in the first seven seconds upon meeting us. Our jobs are to get positive decisions from prospects in the first seven seconds. The first decision the prospect makes about […]