The Definition of Closing in Network Marketing in One Word

The Definition of Closing in Network Marketing summed up in One Word What is the definition of closing in Network Marketing? It can be summed up in one word. Help!! We help our prospect overcome their fears. It’s helping support our prospects to overcome their fears and insecurities, so they can move forward with a […]

Getting to Yes Decisions with this Nine Word Special Close for Network Marketing

The 9 Word Special Close that gets YES Decisions in Network Marketing! Getting to yes decisions from prospects is easy with this nine word special close that is tailored made for Network Marketing. Getting to yes decisions with our special close does this: 1… It stops the chit-chat, and asks our prospects for their decision. […]

Old Words into New Words for Closing Prospects

Changing Old Words into New Words that Close Prospects like magic! How to change what you say slightly and get much better results! Harsh, direct words create tension. Old words revised into new words relieve the tension. The last thing that we want is for the prospect to feel pressure and tension. By carefully selecting […]

Three Great Pre-Closing Questions to Ask Our Prospects on Social Media

3 Great Pre-Closing Questions to Ask Our Prospects on Social Media How to Prospect for Network Marketing on Social Media Help prospects realize the penalty for not taking action. They prefer not to think about the penalty. We prefer to remind them about the consequences with three great pre-closing questions. Prospects resist change and avoid […]

Our Job Description as Network Marketers is to Close

Our Job Description as Network Marketers What is our job description as Network Marketers? We are in the “closing business” and nothing more. It’s pretty simple, isn’t it? Our job is to get people to make a decision to buy our products and services, or to join our business. That is it.  Nothing more than […]

Closing Prospects by the Million-Dollar Close Putting Motivated Self-Starters into Your Network Marketing Team

The Million-Dollar Close Recruiting Motivated Self-Starters into Your Network Marketing Team Closing Prospects Want a sure-fire way of closing prospects that puts motivated self-starters into your network marketing team and is not high pressure? Want a close building highly motivated teams and solid organizations lasting for a lifetime? Then you want the million-dollar close. After the presentation […]

The Four Step Technique to Higher Closing Ratios of Prospects in Network Marketing

The 4 Step Technique to a Higher Closing Ratio in Network Marketing The higher your closing ratio in Network Marketing, the less you need to work and the quicker you become successful. The closing ratio definition? More sales and more new distributors equal more money. Prospects war with network marketers. The network marketer gives reason after […]

Increase Value Before You Close

H1 – usually title H2 – sub title (adjust “weight”) “Increase Value Before You Close” Increase Value Increase value to the items that the prospect gets when they sign up as a distributor by explaining the utility of each. Many network marketing companies are good at telling the distributor a list of items they receive. […]