Give Thanks and Take Responsibility

Thanks & Responsibility Like many countries, once a year we celebrate Thanksgiving (or “the Harvest”). Families gather, thanking God for the bounty, then enjoying a good meal. There is an opposition to Thanksgiving – complaining. Complaining that your upline is not supporting you. Complaining that your downline is not doing anything. Complaining that your products […]

Duplication in Network Marketing Does Not Work

Duplication in Network Marketing doesn’t work! Let’s talk “results” rather than type of “activity!” You’ve heard phrases like this being said — “It only matters what duplicates.” And I posted this to say; duplication in Network Marketing does not work. Why duplication in Network Marketing does not work? *Saul is so handsome that women to […]

Nine Sequence of Words for Compelling Prospects to Join Network Marketing

9 Words that compel prospects to join Network Marketing! Note; this can be said as 8 words too. Nine words is all we need to compel prospects to join us in Network Marketing. This also works for getting prospects to buy our products too. We all like closing prospects. Closing prospects means more new distributors, […]