Handling Objections and Questions from Prospects of Limited Beliefs

Handling Objections & Questions from Prospects who have Limiting Beliefs  Some prospects ask questions or raise objections to sound intelligent or feel better about themselves. And this usually indicates that they have limiting beliefs that we need to help them overcome. When we respond in a weak or defensive manner, this is like pouring water […]

Make Excuses about Network Marketing for Winning and Not Losing

When you make Excuses about Network Marketing, make them for for Winning, Not Losing We either make excuses about network marketing to quit, or we make excuses to stay. Excuse making is something many of us do who are in network marketing for a variety of reasons. We want to hold on to our fears […]

Highly Effective MLM Prospecting Script to Closing

Highly Effective Closing skills for Network Marketing Since no one succeeds in this business without getting YES decisions, knowing some closing skills —meaning questions that are not salesy or pushy AND really effective —might be a critical skill in Network Marketing, yes? The most important task after getting a prospect interested in your opportunity or […]

Network Marketing Tips on Building Credibility

Building Credibility Tips on building credibility in Network Marketing What’s the one thing network marketers don’t have but feel they need the most to be successful? In a word; credibility. And this is especially true with new people that just got started that have not earned any money yet. This posy is about building credibility. […]