Preclosing is Getting Yes Decisions Before the Presentation

Preclosing is the art of getting Yes Decisions before the Presentation! Preclosing is getting YES decisions before the presentation. Getting YES decisions from the prospects before looking at our information is how we get paid. We don’t get paid for getting prospects to look at our videos, listen to our audio files and go to […]

Does Your Job Interfere with Your Life?

​​Does Your Job Interfere with Your Life? The great opening line for Network Marketing Jobs interfere with your life. You may not realize it, but it’s true. There is nothing worse than a boss that takes all the mental and physical life out of you. Days turn into drudgery when we have a dream-sucking vampire […]

One Small Change with Words Can Make a Difference

Changes to what you say can make a difference! A small change here & there can produce the result you want & deserve! It only takes small changes in what you say — with your words —  to transform your business from zero success to $100,000 a year success . . from zero team member […]