Negative Things to Say to Motivate Prospects to Make YES Decisions

Negative Things you can Say that Motivate Prospects to Make YES Decisions Network Marketing teaches us to be positive and to say positive things. So, initially it sounds shocking to suggest negative things you can say will motivate prospects to make yes decisions. However, they do! Fear of loss and avoiding pain are powerful motivators. […]

3 Steps to Achieve Goals that are Actually Achievable

3 Steps to Achieving the Goals that are Achievable 3 steps to achieve goals is all we need to achieve any goal, anywhere, anytime without fail. We need to break the cycle of setting goals and not achieving them. We will break the cycle with the 3 steps to achieve goals. Step #1: Choosing Goals […]

Overcoming the Fear to Join Network Marketing

Overcoming Our Prospect’s Fear of joining Network Marketing! Overcoming our Prospect’s fear of joining Network Marketing isn’t easy for many new team members. Not unless we remove the risk! Conquering fear is simply the removal of risk. It opens the door to motivation. Overcoming the fear to join is to remove risk. We give our […]