Our Opening First Sentence is Our First Impression

Our opening First Sentence is our First Impression We all read the headlines first in newspapers. And, if the headline is interesting, you keep reading, right? If not, you move on. In other words, our opening first sentence is our headline. So, we want our opening first sentence to count. Sure, you can start a […]

My Distributors are Not Lazy but Do Not Work

Why do I have Inactive Distributors? They are Not Lazy about attending training so why is wrong? My distributors are not lazy so why are they inactive distributors? Lazy people don’t attend online webinars to develop their skills when they could be watching TV or Netflix. Most who are lazy don’t spend money to join […]

Network Marketing on Facebook; How to Start the Conversation

Check outour bookson Amazon Network Marketingon Facebook How to Start the Conversation Ever wondered how the Pros conduct themselves and do Network Marketing on Facebook? Curious to know how to start conversations about your  business without being aggressive or pushy?  Let’s up your game. Ready? There are two ways of conducting yourself while building a […]

Open with a Great First Sentence to Convert Your Prospect to Teammate Status

Great First Sentences convert Prospects into new Teammates! Build instant trust, belief, influence, and rapport with your prospect Want a great first sentence to grab the attention and build instant trust, belief, influence, and rapport with your prospect? Want the best opening line to convert your prospect from tire-kicker to teammate in your network marketing […]