Give the Perfect Christmas Gift to the Network Marketer

The Perfect Christmas Gift for someone in Network Marketing “Tis the season to be jolly” for giving the perfect Christmas gift to anyone in network marketing in the family. Christmas is a time of giving and sharing. The first Christmas was celebrated after the birth of Jesus with the unusual Christmas presents of frankincense, gold and […]

How to Create a Presold Top Prospect List

How to Create a Presold Top Prospect List Have you ever wanted to know the secret of creating a presold top prospect list from scratch for your network marketing business? Finding prospects is easy. Finding prospects who are presold on your products, services and opportunity in network marketing is easier. What are prospects? Prospects are […]

Three Strategies for Delivering a Powerful Presentation about Network Marketing

The power of the Presentation in Network Marketing! And why they are so important. Learning the power of the presentation in network marketing is critical. Because you are literally always one presentation away from success or failure. Put another way; if the first thing that comes out of your mouth gives the wrong impression, it’s […]

Branding a Product with Your Story

Use Your Story to Brand a Product Learn to use this effective Network Marketing skill Branding a Product Branding a product is the process of creating an image in the customer’s mind which they associate with to attract and retain their loyalty. One of the most common mistakes in building network marketing is talking about […]

Increase Value Before You Close

H1 – usually title H2 – sub title (adjust “weight”) “Increase Value Before You Close” Increase Value Increase value to the items that the prospect gets when they sign up as a distributor by explaining the utility of each. Many network marketing companies are good at telling the distributor a list of items they receive. […]