Network Marketing Invite Scripts for Professionals

How to invite Professionals to join Network Marketing Scripts for Doctors, Lawyers & other professionals Would ten doctors, lawyers and bankers explode your business? This is how to invite Professional network marketing.  All we have to do is highlight the professional problem and ask for an indirect referral. Put feeling into it and you’ll create […]

How to Connect with Professionals on LinkedIn to Build a Team of Network Marketers

How to Connect with Professionals on LinkedIn & Build a Team in Network Marketing The forgotten social media site for Network Marketing prospecting is LinkedIn. So, let’s learn how to connect with professionals on LinkedIn to build our team. LinkedIn is made for professionals. The number of registered professional LinkedIn profiles is 467 million. 27% […]

How to Promote Live Events on Facebook

How to Promote a Facebook Live Live events on Facebook, often referred to as doing “a Facebook Live” usually promote products, services or opportunities. It’s a way to get the word out to an audience. Doing a Facebook Live also doesn’t require special technology, even a phone is enough. You may want to promote everything […]

Open with a Great First Sentence to Convert Your Prospect to Teammate Status

Great First Sentences convert Prospects into new Teammates! Build instant trust, belief, influence, and rapport with your prospect Want a great first sentence to grab the attention and build instant trust, belief, influence, and rapport with your prospect? Want the best opening line to convert your prospect from tire-kicker to teammate in your network marketing […]

Being Mentally Tough in Network Marketing

Mental Toughness & Network Marketing Being mentally tough in Network Marketing to handle rejection One of the most critical skills every professional in business must possess is mental toughness and network marketing is not different. This skill is more important than prospecting and takes more mental strength than contacting and inviting. Before any of these […]