A Quick Strategy for Handling People Who Want to Think It Over

A quick strategy for I want to think it over

“I Want to Think It Over” A Quick Strategy for Handling this objection. A Quick Strategy We like quick fixes. We like a quick strategy that solves a problem. We like a quick response strategy to objections. We like quick answers. Prospects hate making decisions. They are afraid of making wrong decisions. So, we need […]

Stop Wasting Your Time with Me because Your Products are Too Expensive

Your Products are Too Expensive! And other things that you may occasionally hear. Ever had a prospect say “Your products are too expensive” or something like “It costs too much“? If what you said was to effective, this post is for you. To make the point about price, let’s start with a story: A friend […]

Getting the Cost of Network Marketing Out of the Way and Upfront

Deal with the Cost of Network Marketing in the beginning of the presentation! “How much does it cost?” Dealing with “how much does it cost” upfront makes it easy to give a presentation. Without getting the cost out of way, the presentation won’t matter. You are talking on social media with the perfect prospect. You’ve said […]

How to Overcome Rejection in Network Marketing Every Time without Fail

How to Overcome Rejection in Network Marketing 100% of the time! This works without fail, just try it! The biggest hurdle with Network Marketers is the fear of rejection. Let’s let’s delve into How to overcome rejection in Network Marketing 100%. Most new distributors hate rejection. They don’t want to appear to be making money […]

How to Convince Skeptics in 3 Minutes that Network Marketing Works

How to Convince Skeptics in 3 Minutes that Network Marketing Works Whether it is Network Marketing online or belly-to-belly contact, we can convince skeptics in 3 minutes that Network Marketing Works. All we need to know is the formula for solving problems. We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we […]

How to Sell Things in Network Marketing with People Who Hate to Sell

How to Sell for people who HATE TO SELL! Many people get involved in Network Marketing that are fearful of selling. They need the extra income but . . . here is what to do! Want to know the secret of how to sell things in Network Marketing with people who hate to sell? Let’s […]

Overcoming Customer Objections and Prospect Negativity with This One Simple Phrase

Instantly overcome Customer Objections & Prospect Negativity with this Simple Phrase! Want to know a simple phrase for overcoming customer objections and prospect negativity? No one likes getting objections and negative feedback. Objections can build barriers between you and the prospect. Here’s the simple phrase that helps. “Here is the short story.” This little phrase […]

Agreement Neutralizes Verbal Conflict and Wins the War of Words

Agreement neutralizes verbal conflict and leads to a win in the war of words

Win the War of Words; Agreement Neutralizes Verbal Conflict Ever wanted to know how to win the battle with prospects by winning the war with words? Agreement neutralizes verbal conflict. Agreement neutralizes verbal conflict by winning the battle of wits. The prospect refuses to listen. He is thinking about what to say to object to […]