Get the Appointment Almost 100% of the Time

Get the Appointment almost 100% of the time! H2 – sub title (adjust “weight”) Network Marketers hate asking for appointments partly because prospects hate being “pitched” (sales presentations).  So how do we get the appointment and then make a presentation that is painless for th prospect? Network Marketers hate getting appointments because most of the […]

State a Problem and Ask a Tiny Question to Get a Retail Sale

State a Problem & Ask a Tiny Question to Get a Retail Sale Problems make up humans. Everybody can state a problem that they have or that someone else has. Our job is to find problems and solve them. Questions also make up human. Questions are how to gain knowledge. We ask a question to […]

Words that Attract Attention of People to Repeatedly Buy Health and Wellness Products

buy health and wellness products

Words that Attract Attention, causing people to repeatedly buy Health & Wellness Products Boring salesman get boring results. People don’t buy from boring salesman. They make decisions to buy on words that attract attention. Add attention getting words to words that solve people’s problems and you have the right combination of people repeatedly wanting to […]

Learn to Think Outside the Box about Network Marketing

Learn to Think Outside the Box about Network Marketing Learn to think outside box when your network marketing company won’t let you do things against their policy. Innovators rise above their personal agendas and set the course on the greatest good for all. Super-innovators learn to think outside the box. Viewing a situation or problem […]

Three Strategies for Delivering a Powerful Presentation about Network Marketing

The power of the Presentation in Network Marketing! And why they are so important. Learning the power of the presentation in network marketing is critical. Because you are literally always one presentation away from success or failure. Put another way; if the first thing that comes out of your mouth gives the wrong impression, it’s […]