Text Marketing for Network Marketing

Text Marketing for Network Marketing What is the one activity everybody enjoys? Texting! Everybody loves texting. Network Marketers love text marketing for their business. You wake up at midnight. Instead of tossing and turning in your sleep, you open your cell phone and start texting. Since we are Network Marketing, we don’t want to waste […]

Boost Your Confidence about Network Marketing by Being the Expert

Boost Your Confidence in Network Marketing by Becoming the Expert Remember, most people can be “the expert!” Boost Your Confidence Feel uncomfortable talking to prospects about network marketing and need to boost your confidence? Feel intimidated when prospects ask questions or throw out objections? Maybe your home-based business is a business where self-talk about it […]

Positive Thinking without Skill Leads to Failure

Positive Thinking & Skills make us unstoppable! Whereas positive thinking alone more often Leads to Failure. “It is possible to fly without a motor, but not without positive thinking and skills.” I never forgot those words from my sponsor on the day that I joined network marketing in 2008. Later I learned my sponsor reworded […]

Adding to the Benefits for Veterans Who Join Network Marketing

Veterans in Network Marketing

Adding to the Benefits for Veterans Who Join Network Marketing Many veterans, when they leave the armed services to examine closely the benefits for veterans. This is the longest article that I’ve written for the blog. It’s lengthy because this is dedicated to the most important group of people our country must honor – Veterans. […]