The 9-Word Email to Activate Old Leads

The 9-Word Email to Activate Old leads!   The 9-word email will activate old leads for your network marketing company and flood your email inbox with buy and join offers. Tired of buying new tire-kicker leads which end up in the junk pile?  Why get sales leads by buying them when old leads will make […]

Increase Value Before You Close

H1 – usually title H2 – sub title (adjust “weight”) “Increase Value Before You Close” Increase Value Increase value to the items that the prospect gets when they sign up as a distributor by explaining the utility of each. Many network marketing companies are good at telling the distributor a list of items they receive. […]

Lead Follow-up The Effective Key to Fortune

Follow-up is the Key to Success. With a good follow up system & enough effort, you can even make a fortune! You’re prospecting efforts will not end up recruiting or signing up as many people into your Network Marketing business if you don’t have a follow-up system. And for good reason. Most prospects don’t join […]