Great Skills Work Best When You Use Them

Skills Work Best When You Use Them! Why learn skills then never apply them? Great skills require great discipline. The more skills we learn, the more money we can make. The less skills we learn, the less money that we make . . but we must apply them! There are three types of Network Marketers […]

Building Trust and Rapport with Six Magic Phrases

Building Trust and Rapport with Six Magic Phrases A critical Network Marketing Skill Building trust and rapport. Six magic phrases are all it takes. Speak six magic phrases in the first seven seconds of opening our mouths and we’ve built instant rapport.F O R M (family, occupation, recreation, message) does not work. Honesty, integrity, sincerity […]

Words that Attract Attention of People to Repeatedly Buy Health and Wellness Products

Words that Attract Attention, causing people to repeatedly buy Health & Wellness Products Boring salesman get boring results. People don’t buy from boring salesman. They make decisions to buy on words that attract attention. Add attention getting words to words that solve people’s problems and you have the right combination of people repeatedly wanting to […]