Creating Rapport through Mirroring and Matching

Creating Rapport through Mirroring and Matching We’re all familiar with Tony Robbins and some of us are also familiar with the concept of creating rapport through mirroring and matching. This is the idea that you can develop a rapport by being “like” the other person in conversation. For instance, you’re creating rapport with someone … […]

Targeted Leads to Riches

Targeted Leads to Riches Making money online starts with attracting targeted leads to your site. No matter how good your opportunity, products or services, if no one sees them then no one buys them. So, what is the best way to get targeted leads? The first thing we have to do is define our target […]

Thumbs Up by Social Media to Your MLM Opportunity

The Marriage and Divorce of Network Marketing and Social Media! Network Marketing and Social media. WOW, what a combination! They sort of get stick in your throat and make you almost choke, just speaking those two phrases together. Why? Well, because of the potential and the Yin & Yang of that potential, which is the […]