Poison Phrases versus Power Phrases

Poisen Phrases Power Phrases are better! Poison phrases weaken our words. Power phrases strengthen our words. Poison phrases rob us of respect. Power phrases give us respect. Power is the ability to get results. Your words have power when they work for you.  A phrase is a short expression where less is more. Make your […]

Our Opening First Sentence is Our First Impression

Our opening First Sentence is our First Impression We all read the headlines first in newspapers. And, if the headline is interesting, you keep reading, right? If not, you move on. In other words, our opening first sentence is our headline. So, we want our opening first sentence to count. Sure, you can start a […]

Turn Your Main Product into a Premium for Someone Else

Turn Your Main Product into a Premium An advanced marketing concept that works brilliantly in Network Marketing Want to sell more? Turn your main product into a premium for other people and groups. It will sell more product and make you more money. With energy drinks you could turn your main product into a premium.  […]

People May Hear Our Words but They Feel Our Emotions

People May Hear Our Words But they are ruled by emotions! People are logical and emotional. The logical part of the brain is ruled by emotions. People may hear our words, but they feel our emotions. Our job is to get YES decisions. YES decisions make us money. NO decisions make us zero money. When […]

If Your Closing Questions No Longer Serve You, it’s Time to Let Go

If Your Closing Questions No Longer Serve You, it’s Time to Let Go H2 – sub title (adjust “weight”) Are your closing questions and statements serving you to the fullest by getting more YES decisions than NO decisions? If not, it’s time to let them go. Do you find it difficult to get your prospects […]

People Who Hide Their Emotions Usually Care the Most

People Who Hide Their Emotions are usually the ones who Care the Most Few people join our business to just for the money. That’s too logical and it is the emotional reasons they join for. Not only that but the people who hide their emotions usually are the who feel them the strongest and who […]

I Am Just Curious if You Are Curious

I Am Just Curious . . . The magic way to ask people personal questions in a way where they just answer naturally. Using the phrase “I am just curious” is magic when talking to prospects. The prospects automatically open their minds and are willing to listen. Curiosity is the most basic instinct for our […]

Christmas Holiday Opening Sentences for Network Marketers

Opening Sentences for Christmas How to start a Network Marketing conversation during the holidays! Christmas is upon us. Those of us who are in Network Marketing don’t realize this is the perfect time of the year to practice our Christmas holiday opening sentences. What do I mean?  Prospects surround us, especially during the holidays.  We […]

Word Sequences that Tread Softly and Carry a Big Stick

Word Sequences that Tread Softly and Carry a Big Stick Every sentence has a beginning, middle and an end. Word sequences help people understand the order of events that are taking place in the sentence. Word sequences are like signals or signs. They help us identify when an event or statement starts, when a new […]

How to Not Sound Like a Sales Pitch with Three Magic Phrases

These 3 Magic Phrases never sound salesy or pushy! Your prospects will never feel like they are being pitched! Everyone loves to buy but no one likes to “be sold” . . so, avoid sounding like you are using a sales pitch with these 3 magic phrases This is “How to avoid the salesperson alarm!” […]