People Who Hide Their Emotions Usually Care the Most

People Who Hide Their Emotions are usually the ones who Care the Most Few people join our business to just for the money. That’s too logical and it is the emotional reasons they join for. Not only that but the people who hide their emotions usually are the who feel them the strongest and who […]

Preclosing is Getting Yes Decisions Before the Presentation

Preclosing is the art of getting Yes Decisions before the Presentation! Preclosing is getting YES decisions before the presentation. Getting YES decisions from the prospects before looking at our information is how we get paid. We don’t get paid for getting prospects to look at our videos, listen to our audio files and go to […]

My Distributors are Not Lazy but Do Not Work

Why do I have Inactive Distributors? They are Not Lazy about attending training so why is wrong? My distributors are not lazy so why are they inactive distributors? Lazy people don’t attend online webinars to develop their skills when they could be watching TV or Netflix. Most who are lazy don’t spend money to join […]

Does Your Job Interfere with Your Life?

​​Does Your Job Interfere with Your Life? The great opening line for Network Marketing Jobs interfere with your life. You may not realize it, but it’s true. There is nothing worse than a boss that takes all the mental and physical life out of you. Days turn into drudgery when we have a dream-sucking vampire […]

86400 Seconds to Make a 15-Minute Choice with Network Marketing

The 15 minute choice that can change someone's life every day

The 15 minute choice. Everyday you can change someone’s life! Every day you have 86,400 Seconds or 1,440 minutes or 24 hours to change someone’s life! We call it the 15-minute choice, because that is as long as it takes to change someone’s life. And you have 24-hours to find those mere 15 minutes to […]

Network Marketing on Facebook; How to Start the Conversation

Facebook for Network Marketing

Check outour bookson Amazon Network Marketingon Facebook How to Start the Conversation Ever wondered how the Pros conduct themselves and do Network Marketing on Facebook? Curious to know how to start conversations about your  business without being aggressive or pushy?  Let’s up your game. Ready? There are two ways of conducting yourself while building a […]

Understanding Wealth and How to Build it

Understanding Wealth and How to Build it The more income you have, the more wealth you will attain! How do we get rich? Earn more. It is that simple. Understanding wealth is simply earning extra income. Extra income earned from Network Marketing makes us wealthy. Let’s learn how to build wealth. Ask ourselves, “What kind […]

Getting the Cost of Network Marketing Out of the Way and Upfront

Deal with the Cost of Network Marketing in the beginning of the presentation! “How much does it cost?” Dealing with “how much does it cost” upfront makes it easy to give a presentation. Without getting the cost out of way, the presentation won’t matter. You are talking on social media with the perfect prospect. You’ve said […]

Work Sucks Because Job Security Is No Longer There

Work Sucks Because there’s no longer such a thing as Job Security! That is why everyone needs a Plan B. Work sucks. The company you work for is not your friend, because job security is no longer there. You think working 8 hours a day is too much? Wait until you hear the story of […]

I Make Good Money Why Am I Always Broke and Depressed?

If you Make Good Money, Why are you Broke and Depressed? Tired of being broke and depressed? For starters, most jobs keep us broke (and the rest leave the job holder without any time). You are supposed to be depressed. Or, our prospects are supposed to be depressed. Right? Which of these two people do […]