Turn Your Main Product into a Premium for Someone Else

Turn Your Main Product into a Premium An advanced marketing concept that works brilliantly in Network Marketing Want to sell more? Turn your main product into a premium for other people and groups. It will sell more product and make you more money. With energy drinks you could turn your main product into a premium.  […]

People May Hear Our Words but They Feel Our Emotions

People May Hear Our Words But they are ruled by emotions! People are logical and emotional. The logical part of the brain is ruled by emotions. People may hear our words, but they feel our emotions. Our job is to get YES decisions. YES decisions make us money. NO decisions make us zero money. When […]

Afraid to Talk to Intimidating Prospects about Your Offers?

Skeptical Businessman - how not to be afraid to talk Network Marketing to intimidating prospects!

Afraid to Talk about Network Marketing with Intimidating Prospects? Afraid to talk to intimidating prospects about your Network Marketing offer? Let’s get comfortable and uncomfortable selling. If you are afraid to talk to intimidating prospects, get comfortable and relax. We’ve got covered. We all have intimidating contacts. — The aunt who questions everything we say […]

Build Value in Your Network Marketing Opportunity Before You Close

Build value during the presentation - then closing is a non event

The Prospect’s perceived value of Network Marketing: We build value during presentations, then close! Why do prospects complain about the cost of joining? Simple. Because they didn’t perceive value in our Network Marketing opportunity – we need to build value during our presentation. If you build value in your Network Marketing opportunity before you close, […]

How Much Money Can I Make If I Get into Network Marketing?

How Much Money Can I Make? Prospects naturally want to know how much they can make in Network Marketing. How much money can I make if I join your Network Marketing business? That is the question on every prospect’s mind when we approach them. After all, if you are at a job interview, would you […]

How to Get Leads by Networking with Networking People

How to Get Leads by Networking with People who love Networking! From those who love to gossip to BNI meetings, this is an excellent prospect source Ever wanted to know how to get prospects in network marketing and promote your products from businesses in your hometown? Let me show you a way of how to get […]

Products to Purchase when Joining a Network Marketing Opportunity

How to get people who are joining Network Marketing to Purchase the products! This is the first step when someone joins. Choosing which products to purchase when you join a network marketing opportunity is the first step to take toward success in the business. One of the problems with new distributors is getting them to […]

How to Connect with Professionals on LinkedIn to Build a Team of Network Marketers

How to Connect with Professionals on LinkedIn & Build a Team in Network Marketing The forgotten social media site for Network Marketing prospecting is LinkedIn. So, let’s learn how to connect with professionals on LinkedIn to build our team. LinkedIn is made for professionals. The number of registered professional LinkedIn profiles is 467 million. 27% […]